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April 06 2004

Like "Wonderfalls," "Century City" cancelled after 4 episodes Are networks giving ANY time for new shows to find their audience?

I can't say I watched Century City all too often, but it seemed like it could've potentially evolved into a Law & Order: 2030.

Maybe the networks have noticed that people don't like it when they cancel long running shows (Angel, Farscape etc.) its too much hastle, so now they'll just cancel new ones. Just not "Tru Calling" for some reason.
Are networks giving ANY time for new shows to find their audience?

Well, as long as the networks aren't stringing shows along, then cancelling them even though they had a increase in viewership from the season befo-

Oh, wait.
Century City was aweful...the concept was rediculous and the actors didn't convey any "universal truth" that interested me...Some programs deserve to be cancelled...Perhaps Wonderfalls was one of them? To each their own...
Sorry, but not for the many who enjoyed it. Wonderfalls was literate, witty and quirky. A rare commodity.

Seriously, Century City was awful. And I watched every episode.

I hate to nitpick, but we're not gonna have a post here about every last cancelled show this season, are we? Cause, really, that's gonna get depressing quick....
Sorry just posted since I thought it was coincidential that both were cancelled after 4 episodes and most networks aren't giving new shows a chance at life these days. But yeah, I agree that Century City didn't really say anything except, this is Law & Order thirty years from now.
I thought "Century City" was a terrific idea for a TV show, and I got real excited about it after I saw the name of Paul Attanasio, who's been deeply involved in great shows like "Homicide" and some really terrific screenplays. Unfortuately, his involvement seems to have been tangential.

The show could have worked if they had played it straight and not been so intent on making every show the "legal dillema created by new technology" of the week. In some ways, it should have been more like L.A. Law, but with an SF spin. Instead, they took the more obvious road.

I personally "cancelled" it after 1.5 episodes!

Pretty boring and extremely silly, overall.

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