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December 29 2015

Agents of SHIELD: Is there actually still hope for SkyeWard? Jed Whedon does his best to answer the question without giving much away.

Do those people still exist? I can speak for myself, I just stopped watching largely because a lot of the threads they wanted me to dig I sort of just shrugged at. And the Ward stuff got really handwavey (He's either 007 or Snidely Whiplash).

I think they have this vision of a cabal of Ward shippers existing, but considering the way they've been writing him since 2nd season it doesn't seem likely that exists outside of an extreme minority of people. The ambiguity of Ward only worked while the plot allowed for some level of ambiguity. He hasn't been ambiguous for a while.

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It would be interesting to know if the part of Will that was informing Slugster has followed him over into the broken body of Ward. So that what we have now is a composite Sluggo/Will/Grant/Other(s) superstalker to harass both Daisy and Gemma. On second thought, maybe it wouldn't. Ick!

On a different tangent, Slugfest seemed like a fairly lame supermonster for Hydra to have been searching for for centuries. Fitz put him down just by shooting him in the back with a flare (and flair). Good on Fitz rogue demon, errr monster hunter extraordinairé.

If they had just scooped up Sluggie's ooey gooey naughty bits and popped them into a pit of liquid steel or liquid nitrogen or liquid slug-b-gone (you know, any of those things that are always close at hand as the drama approaches a resolution) and that as they say, the animated threat would have been no more. That doesn't seem to justify the kind of search Hydra had been making. I'm assuming there is a SuperSlugger mode we haven't seen yet.
I'm thinking if the SuperSlugger has an entire planet of life to draw from then it can indeed become a lot less lame. But it's been stuck on a planet living off Hydra scraps for centuries. Hence, Fitz being able t take him out, for a bit.
Daisy is so repelled by Ward I can't imagine any kind of coupling between the two (unless it was by force... now wouldn't that be gross), nor is Ward's goodness or lack thereof something I have even thought about, not to mention dwelled on. As Azzers mentioned, there is no ambiguity anymore; hasn't been for some time.
I second the "huh".
Ahahahah. Good one.
Next on EW, prepare to have your world Quaked with
SkyeWard SlugSex (and we do mean ewwwwwww......)
Jeez Louise, Can't we Grant Daisy a break.
(and no, I'm not using Johnson in a sentence.)
Based on what they said in the midseason finale, I think the slug eats inhumans. That will probably power him up.

As for Ward, I'm really tired of him. Killing the character and then having him take on a body snatcher's mind feels like a cheat. It will still feel like they're fighting the same villain they've been fighting for way too long. I really wish they had let Ward take a couple of seasons off and come back later.
Speaking as someone who follows the comics and knows what the current theory of Slug is, (never read the character myself but know the basics from others), Slug could easily become the most powerful thing the team has ever faced yet.

As for Skye/DaisyWard, Jed seems more amused in this interview then anything. They made it clear Ward doesn't want the team's forgiveness anymore. Add to this even *if* Ward is still in there, he liked it when Malick made him feel important enough to bring the Slug back, and Slug would have revived him from death. I don't really see Ward protesting the slug too much at this point.
How is this even a question. *tilts head* Does anyone actually want this to be a thing anymore?

I feel like the writers made it very clear that SkyWard was completely over forever back when Skye shot him back in season two. That's one of my favorite moments of the series ... I like that this is a show where some people are unredeemable and some actions are unforgivable.
Why do I feel like paraphrasing Dark Willow...

I still find nothing to the Daisy pairing with whatshisname, but the show seems to have moved on from Skyward.
The show has moved on. Most of the fans have moved on. I'm more interested in the "complicated" statement.
Before Daisy and Ward could ever get together, two miracles would need to occur: Ward would have to be brought back to life, which I suppose the writers could manage--but then he would have to seek and undergo a thorough process of redemption. As Angel and Spike have taught us, even five seasons as main characters aren't enough for that. Their cookie dough is still baking, and there are no "happily ever afters" for them in the foreseeable future.

Plus the arc of any one character, outside the ensemble context, really isn't the kind of story that this series is mostly about, and I'm glad that it is so. Even the most obvious exception proves the rule: Simmons' big solo episode moved the entire story of the series forward in a major way.

--best regards
mozzarellademon Well, if you're going to spill Buffyverse concepts over into Marvel, the comics have suddenly disagreed with you.

One real problem I have with the show is I've only had Closed captions since Memorial Day so I only know faces, not names. But yes, I've seen flirtations and some of them are deservedly past and gone by now.

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