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December 31 2015

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2016 - Joss' 'Twist' comic book mini-series, the Buffy Season 10 finales, the second half of Agents of SHIELD Season 3, and hopefully some news about new Whedon projects.

Happy New Year, all!
Happy New Year! Hoping for a nice Joss surprise this year!
Wishing everyone a Jossy New 2016
Happy New Year, everybody.
May your New Year be peaceful, shiny and joyous.
Happy New Year! With hopefully a new Joss show on Netflix.... ;)
Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you'll the very best.
Wait, did sparks just mention Joss on Netflix...
Happy New Year! We also might get that Mockingbird/Hunter spin-off too.
Happy new year one and all!
Hopefully a Doctor Horrible 2 REAL update as well.
Happy 2016! May it be shiny and bright for all of us. And with some Joss-y goodness thrown in!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year - Enjoy the upcoming 365 day tour around the sun - the views are spectacular!
A Shiny New Year to all my fellow Whedonbuffs.
Happy New Year!!!!!!
Happy New Year, everyone!
Happy new year to everyone!
Happy New Year, Whedonesquers! I'm looking forward to Twist, and hope this year surprises us with some other shiny new Whedon goodness. :-)
Happy New Year, y'all!
Happy New Year, all you lovely Whedonesquers!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year ya'll....

For collectors, the final volume for Season 9 Library Edition is also coming out in a few weeks.

Besides Twist, we'll probably get some updates on Leaves on the Wind follow-up. Jeanty is back, last we heard about this project, but who's writing? Also when we might see this released.

What's next? another cameo on Season 2 of ConMan? He was recently on Marti Noxon's Girlfriend Guide to Divorce, will he also do cameo on Unreal? The possibilities are endless......
Late as usual but Happy New Year to all. Really looking forward to some new Joss work. Twist already has me interested.

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