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January 03 2016

Pop culture media picks up on Joss Whedon's Marvel comments from two months ago. MCU highlights from Joss' Q&A at the Oxford Union on November 9th are getting reported on various sites today.

I think they meant "consigliere".
Agreed, ActualSize, and I think they actually meant "Joss", too.
At this point, I think calling him "Josh" is passive aggressive trolling from the guy who hated Buffy without ever even watching it. Just a theory.
I've read several "good riddance" and other similar passive aggresive comments about it. so fun.
I actually am kinda relieved, cause I much prefer his original work. or more shakespeare adaptations.
To use Joss's own words, "a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts." Joss created some beautiful stuff for Marvel, but now he's moving onto other things. I can't wait.
Haven't had time to watch the whole video... is he done with AoS as well? (Considering it's part of the MCU.)
I really hope he uncurls from that fetal ball at some point and really hits back about Ultron, I think there is infinite amounts of Jossy goodness in that thing. Sure it's overstuffed, but Joss wrote and directed the hell out of that sequel.
Naa... Joss has no need to respond to this. If you look at how much has happened based on out of context quoting, there is no good that can come from a response.

The only response (and I think one that might be good for collective fandom to hear right now) would be some creative just getting as many other creatives together in some sort of Funny or Die video satirizing the cliquish, backbiting nerd culture as it's sort of morphed into. Because why should Whedon, Abrams, Lucas, Bay or Nolan like it? For the many of us that truly enjoy the form, so much of what we see in the culture is built on tearing things down or flatly naked marketing. I mean sure, the culture is great sitting in an exhibition room while a bunch of your biggest fans shoot praise at you (those that have the privilege of being able to take the time off to do that). But that sort of implies these guys just make art, go to the Con, and miss everything in between. And so much of what made this whole thing a story is that culture.

It was always a non-story.
Wonder why mainstream media is only picking this up now, I got the feeling that when the video was posted here, it was even a bit late for us.
They aren't, Numfar PTB. It's click bait.
Yeah, it's weird that somebody made a post about the interview so long afterward, then suddenly there are articles everywhere with titles like "Joss Whedon says why he's DONE with Marvel." Obviously, anyone who follows the links will probably be disappointed to read something as normal and boring as his actual reasons.

It's definitely very click baity.
In an age of 140 character stories and animated GIFs, nobody has an attention span any more. The headline is all most people read. I ain't even kidding, at most if you publish a story people will read the first sentence or two.
And it's old. The trolls are out - FYI.
The first rule of writing news articles is that the first sentence has to tell you the pertinent details of a story. The reason for this is that most people rarely read past the headline. If they do, the first sentence essentially has to tell all.

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