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January 04 2016

The Q&A Podcast interviews Drew Goddard about his work on 'The Martian'. A great in-depth 80-minute podcast interview, including great behind-the-scenes stories from Buffy and Firefly.

Does anyone know if there's a livestream of this podcast? My network security won't let me access the download site; it's been blocked as suspected malware. Has anyone else run into this problem?
@Agent are you having trouble with the website itself, which is basically a blogger (by google) site or with the mp3 file which is hosted on libsyn like a lot of other podcasts, but he just doesn't use the Libsyn player, only the hosts the files there..
@Agent: try this?

I was looking for the show's RSS feed and that came up and sounded like the thing you were looking for?

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The site he uses to host has been flagged by network admin and I can't access it. So, I can see his blog, but when I got to download, I get block at the redirect. Will probably have to download at home. Thanks for the help!
@D-e-f: yep. Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for.
I can't wait to listen. I loved The Martian - the book and was so pleased, and for no good reason - proud, of how Goddard crafted the screen play. I hope he gets nominated.
Just got done listening. Great interview. Lots of good nuts and bolts talk.

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