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January 06 2016

Christina Hendricks joins "Bad Santa 2". Hendricks will play a new character who runs a charitable organization. Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox and Brett Kelly will reprise their roles. Kathy Bates has also been cast.

The sequel has new writers and a new director - "Mean Girls" director Mark Waters (brother of "Heathers" writer Daniel Waters).

I will never get the image of Billy Bob and Lorelei Gilmore from the original, out of my mind:

[Bleep] me, Santa!
[Bleep] me, Santa!
[Bleep] me, Santa!
[Bleep] me, Santa!
[Bleep] me, Santa!

Mommy . . . . . . ?
Yep, scarred for life.
For my sins I loved Bad Santa. Not sure about a sequel though.
Bad Santa is an annual tradition for me; I cannot get into the spirit of the season without watching it. The original is such a wonderful combination of inspired performances and casting choices, and two of the best (John Ritter and Bernie Mac) obviously cannot be in the sequel. Unfortunately, I have to assume that the PTBs will simply ramp up the gross humor factors at the expense of the human characteristics, because that's kinda what Hollywood does when it comes to sequels: mistake what worked and what didn't and then attempt to "raise the stakes" (cf Pitch Perfect 2).

I will still go to see it when it comes out, and I'm pretty confident that, even if it's a stinker, it will not diminish the value of the first one.

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