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January 07 2016

Jewel Staite will guest star in Legends of Tomorrow. She's cast as tech genius and roboticist Rachel Turner. She will appear in episode ten of this season.

Legends of Tomorrow looks like fun. I watched the first two seasons of Arrow and I didn't quite get the appeal of it. It looks great At some stage I'll resume viewing of that show and start on Flash too. But TV has been so good of late, I don't when I will get the chance to do it.
I stopped watching Arrow. It's unrelenting darkness doesn't leave room to stretch the possibilities for story telling on the show. It seems to me that it has run out of original stories to tell about Oliver and his redemptive arc.

The Flash has the ability to tell both dark and light stories. It has also started to play with the multiverse. Its fights and effects are fun to watch. It seems like there is still more potential to define what type of show The Flash is. Although its focus on speedster big bads is starting to get grating.

I hope the Legends of Tomorrow becomes more of an anthology shw like American Horror story. I have been looking for something like that from DC or Marvel.

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I'll check this out. I got pretty bored with Arrow after the first season, but the Flash is fun.

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