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January 07 2016

Why Game of Thrones and Jessica Jones owe Buffy Season 5 a debt. Inverse says Buffy laid the groundwork for today's genre TV.

JJ reminded me much more of Buffy Season 6 (dark, brooding, self-destructive, PTSD...).
Emily Nussbaum wrote this pretty great article about JJ and Season 6. Don't know if it got linked here before.

haha all this editing because I seem to have forgotten how to put a link in

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I was getting excited to watch JJ until I got to the part about "graphic torture." Too bad. One more good series I can't watch. I wish the entertainment industry would stop with the graphic torture and uber gore. Just because FX technology has advanced so much that they can do it doesn't mean they should do it. Just my opinion.
I don't recall any 'graphic torture' on Jessica Jones. Nothing like SAW or HOSTEL or any of the other torture porn film garbage anyway. The show is fantastic- I wouldn't avoid it based on a warning label.
Amrita - there's no graphic torture (unless I blinked and missed it). Mental torture - yeah, and it's pretty well done at that.

It is no Agents of Shield - there's sex and blood but nothing very graphic (as it's one of the downsides to GOT for me). At first, I was worried with JJ being more of an 'adult Marvel' but I was pleasantly surprised. I literally binged the entire show.

You might need a nice comedy after the show to cleanse though.
I had thought I forgot something big because I didn't recall any graphic torture either. Thanks for the reassurance :D
Eh, I recall a certain incident with a hedge trimmer and a blender situation that I didn't care for. There's certainly worse out there but I could have done without those scenes.
That's random violence though, not torture. I was under the impression that this issue was specifically about torture? Isn't the hedge trimmer also just implied and you don't see anything? Plus the blender thing is also just a threat without follow through.
Hedge trimmer... blender... wish I could watch this because it's about someone with PTSD, but having PTSD of my own for real, my threshhold for violence and gore is just too low. I had to pass on Cabin in the Woods and skipped GoT, too. Even The Sixth Sense was too much for me.
yeah, if you have PTSD I'd skip it. It's very dark and I remember being quite shaken after one of the episodes where there was a lot of violence.

I am quite enjoying the same actress in a very different role in "Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" if you're looking for something light and entertaining :)
Thanks, Ilana99.

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