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January 08 2016

Clark Gregg suspects Marvel's Inhumans movie won't connect much to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. "But hopefully there'll be some way that our Inhumans connect to that. It'd be too bad if that was wasted."

The show gets the commoners, the movie the royalty?
It will be interesting to see if AoS is even still on the air in 2019. If so, it will have completed its sixth season by the time the Inhumans movie is released (unless the film gets pushed back further/scrapped).
The mighty MCU so badly coordinated with its television counterparts...
I wonder if in retrospect they would have preferred being a Netflix series. AoS falls oddly between creative outlets.
Too bad indeed.
The INHUMANS movie will NEVER reference MAOS. While the show is directly tied into and influenced by the movies, the movies have, yet, to reference ANYTHING from MAOS. They are very careful, with the films to keep their continuity free of any TV references. I assume, this is to keep film continuity divorced from the show's since the differenve in amount of viewers between the two is so big. In the movie universe, MAOS might as well not even exist.
Well, there's a few reasons for that.

One of the big ones is that the TV show production is much, much faster than the movie production. If they write a script for a movie that mentions a show, the show will finish it's season, then start and finish *another* season before the movie comes out. Guessing where the show will be two years later is a hard moving target to hit.
To what Jason_M_Bryant said I would add that they are not going to pin things down for the movie at this point unless it's absolutely necessary. The things that they will pin down are the things that
Feige & friends have decided have to be done with the entire MCU in Phase 3. That said I would expect that they will acknowledge the Terrigen release in the movie but not much of anything beyond that.
Jason: Your reasoning is sound. However, it fails to explain why even the general details don't carrry over.

For example: The fact that Coulson is alive has never been mentioned in the films. There have been several instances where his appearance would have been welcome and logical. The reason he hasn't is due to the fact that the majority of moviegoers are unaware of his resurrection. Valuable screen time won't be wasted explaining the details of why Coulson is alive. IN FACT, as far as the movies are concerned, SHIELD doesn't even exist and hasn't since WINTER SOLDIER.
Yeah its damn near impossible to properly show that Coulson is alive in a movie without taking more screen time than they can possibly afford to spend on it. And to have him just show up
without a resolution of his re-birth that is as profound as his death would be terrible screenwriting. And quite frankly since phase 1 ended with Avengers 1 most of these movies do not have
any use for SHIELD. Now that I think about it they actually need SHIELD gone in most cases so that super-heroes can step into situations that used to be SHIELD's bread & butter.
I think you guys underestimate the audience. A quick "you knew?" "Yes, I didn't know you knew" "need to know, level 7" exchange between Tony and Natasha and problem solved. These are comic book movies. C'mon.
No, that wouldn't be near enough.

Many millions of people watched the movies who don't watch the show. If you include all the people outside the US, which you have to, it's tens of millions of people. They have no idea what level 7 is. They just know that a character died, he was important to these people, and now he's suddenly not dead. That requires a certain amount of weight.

I don't think it's impossible to have Coulson appear in the movies, but it wouldn't be quite that simple. Given the fact that Infinity War is going to be massive already, it may or may not be worth it, depending on the story that they're telling.
A smart writer and a quick audience would make it a non-point. I also don't see why the writer of the Inhumans movie wouldn't build on a few points from the show. None of this is as complicated as some would make it out to be.

I can jump back into comics or soap operas after years without knowing every detail of the continuity I missed. I think most people can.

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It's not about complication. It's not about whether or not the audience could understand it.
Irrational: Nobody says it CAN'T be just WON'T. Especially now that the TV and movie divisions are more separate than ever...
As long as you guys are sure about that. ha!

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