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April 07 2004

(SPOILER) Billie at TV Zone reviews Aly's new Sitcom, Americana. "It was funny and fairly well written, with the standard laughs and double-entendres, but it wasn't innovative or surprising."

"What it does have is Alyson Hannigan. She is an outstanding actress, with an extremely expressive face and winning manner. If the show catches on, it will be because of Hannigan; she's the star."

I'm gonna watch this, if only because Alyson's great. Also with Frasier, Friends, and possibly Malcolm ending this season, I'm really going to need at least one new sitcom, and I'm really not that optimistic about Joey.

I'd imagine this show is going to be quite safe if NBC picks it up, they've lost two classic sitcoms, and I think they'll give this every chance to become one.
I'm definitely going to watch this. I think Alyson is extremely talented. If NBC gives this show their full support, I think it can do really well. I'm also happy to see that Michael Landes was cast as her brother. I'm still upset that they replaced him as Jimmy on "Lois and Clark."

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