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January 09 2016

'Marvel's Most Wanted' going to pilot at ABC. Here we go again.

Let's see if it pans out now. Maybe it could be a summer show? SHIELD in the fall/spring and Carter in the winter. That way they could have Marvel a year-round thing.
My only worry is that it will get lost in the mix of all the other superhero TV shows currently on the air. Apparently that is one of the major reasons TNT scrapped "Titans".
If this crashes and burns, then that title is going to seem painfully ironic..
First, I didn't this idea because I want Bobbi and Hunter on SHIELD. But now that the writers made me hate Hunter, I don't think I care.
I hope there are no storylines in the back half of the MAOS season that involve Bobbie or Hunter in physical peril, since this announcement eliminates the stakes. That said, I do like these two (characters and actors) and hope that they're given a solid premise for a series, and not just an awesome gimmick for the pilot ep.
I want Bobbi and Hunter on MAOS. The end.
The only thing I like about this is how ironic the title is.

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I don't think superhero glut is an issue. SHIELD barely even registers as a superhero show. Yeah, it's got stuff like the inhumans and Deathlok, but shows like X-Files and Haven have plenty of weird stuff, too. With the spy focus, SHIELD feels like a genre show, but it doesn't feel like the same thing as "The Flash".

That said, I'm with the folks who'd prefer SHIELD didn't lose these two characters.
It'd be great if Lincoln got a spinoff so that I wouldn't have to watch him anymore.
Trentaferd, lol. Yeah, they're doing a bad job with that character.
I love Lincoln and Hunter is wonderful. Also I can't wait for what in my head is the Mockingbird spinoff. They can call it whatever they want it's still the Mockingbird spinoff.
Make the spinoff an anthology, with Lance and Bobbi mostly but have Mac or Daisy have a big mission or two.
@impalergeneral: I have a feeling this might take place before they joined SHIELD when they were still together? *shrug*
Prequels generally don't do well. I wish TV networks and developers would get this.

It would be much better as an anthology series.
Where does it say in ANY article that it will be taking place in the past? So many conclusions jumped to based on nothing. Sigh.
I think Bobbi is the strongest female character they've got at the moment, so this sounds interesting. She's managed to outshine even Mae and Daisy on this show, and that's quite impressive.
@IrrationaliTV - that's why I said "I have a feeling" ...I haven't read anything about this other than that it exists so I'm just throwing stuff at the wall here. Mostly because I want them to figure out a way to keep them on SHIELD at the same time.
Ah. Well I want my Mockingbird spinoff and I'm very happy with everyone else on AOS (and they will add more) so I'm pleased they are doing this!
Personally I'm torn. Hunter, Fitz, and Coulson is my favorite trio so I don't want him off AoS. But there is so many people that they can remove a few and not leave the show lacking. Maybe even focus on some of the other characters more, like Mack and Lincoln (who I actually like.)

It'll be interesting. And if it doesn't work, they could bring them back into the fold, right? (I say not really thinking that's how it works...)

BTW, I was watching a video of the Civil War panel in New Orleans from this past weekend and they asked those present what other MCU character they'd like to interact with and Jeremy Renner mentioned Mockingbird. I'd be OK with Hawkeye coming onto the show for an episode or two as well.

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