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January 10 2016

Firefly's ten most memorable moments. This may be the first time we've ever had a list like this on the front page.

. . . or mysterious girls and corporations in boxes.
(They are not forgiving.)
The .gif for number 10 is the exact moment I knew I was going to love the show. I fell in love with the ship. Then later warmed to the crew.
That's a very good list. I agree with a lot of it. The only thing I'd add is "My days of not taking you seriously have come to a middle."
>> "My days of not taking you seriously . . . "
Only because Jayne's ma hadn't sent him his hat yet.
That would have made all the difference.
Very good list, but it's missing one of my personal favorites, and I think a very defining moment for Mal:

Mercy is the mark of a great man.
Guess I'm just a good man.
Well, I'm alright.
How could they possibly have left out the image of Mal sitting naked in the desert?
I love the list and don't know that I'd dethrone any of these. That said, my moment (that I knew I would love the show) was Mal kicking Crow into the engine and immediately turning to Goon #2 to make the exact same proposal. Comedy gold.
One of my own favourites would be River's dance scene from ''Safe'. There's a low quality grab as part of this.

There is so much going on here. We see River emerging from her damaged state and finding joy in something. The scene gets intercut with a gunfight which bring up all kinds of feelings about life and death. It's also obvious that Summer Glau's joy at being able to bring her dance skills to the character shines through. In the audience Simon's reaction to the transformation in his sister is almost equally moving.

Digression: searching for the clip I came across this great video which combines River's dance music with the fight scene from serenity. I also love Nathan Fillion being the definition of a great supporting actor in this scene by just enhancing Summer's work with exactly the right expressions, just like Sean Maher in the 'Safe' dance sequence.
technovamp, as someone who did a lot of contra dancing and continues to do English country dancing, the scenes of River dancing had a lot of resonance (no pun intended) for me.
"Emotional resonance and rocket launchers, the keys to any great drama." -- Joss
Given the number of people who, like MobileHQ, knew the show was for them when Mal kicked Crow into the engine, I'm surprised it wasn't there.
I might add the lovely scene in bed with Zoe and Wash in Shindig.
barboo, I agree about Cap'n Mal sitting in the desert, naked, but these lists can never be complete, especially when limited to 10 moments.

Technovamp, what you said! And barboo, I too am an English country dancer, ex contra dancer. So I totally loved that scene. Also the dance sequences in Shindig.

Fascinatingly, I just filled out and submitted a job application where one of their main requirements was that applicants be Joss Whedon fans. Honest. I couldn't believe it.
There are so many, I can only pick one? Mal making Wash jealous with Zoe in "War Stories". That still cracks me up.

On a side note. Willowy, did you hear about the "Deadwood" movie? Yeah, wait and see.
Jocelyn, what community do you dance in? Maybe we know each other in real life.
I live in Connecticut, but have danced from Boston to Washington D.C. on the East Coast, and a few times on the West.
barboo, mostly I've dancing in California, specifically the Bay Area. However, I got an MA studying morris dance at Boston U, working with Tony Barrand, so I did a lot of ECD and contra there. (I got to dance to Bare Necessities Every Wednesday Night!!) So perhaps we have met. Am I allowed to ask your name here?

So if I ever got to speak to Joss, and could remember how to form words while in his presence, I would for sure ask him about all the dance sequences in Firefly!

[ edited by Jocelyn on 2016-01-15 20:34 ]
Jocelyn, if we haven't met, we certainly know people in common, on both coasts. I became a Morris dancer because of seeing Tony Barrand demonstrating it at the Ark Coffeehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when I was a college student. Depending on when you were at BU we might have overlapped dancing in Boston. If not however, I know a swatch of the Bay Area dancers, from their coming to Pinewoods, and festivals like NEFFA on the East Coast. And talking on the ECD list. My full name is Barbara Ruth. If you are on Facebook, send me a Friend request. It should be easy to figure out which "Barbara Ruth" is me.

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