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January 12 2016

(SPOILER) Preview for the second part of Agents of SHIELD Season 3. Some interesting tidbits including how much time has passed.

So... let me get this straight: Ward is alive but with the "wriggly thing" inside his body?
I'm pretty sure it's the same situation as with Will... Ward is dead, the Maveth creature is controlling his body and has access to all his memories. It remains to be seen how much those memories affect the creature's personality over time. (Think: Fred and Illyria.)
Exactly, pretty much an Illyria situation here.
I expect he's Wardveth. He is Ward, and he isn't. It could be devastating if done well.
I think it feels differently then Illyria. Perhaps, because Fred was so victimized by the whole thing. Since Ward was so evil, the lines between what is good and is not feel blurry. I'm looking forward to his story.
Is the "preview" just the picture of Ward and the short accompanying paragraph? Or are there scenes from the upcoming season somewhere? Thanks!
I have this hazy memory that when Illyria took over Fred she shredded her soul but that she was at a later time still able to access
it. I think that's what she did when transformed back into Fred. Logically that can't happen in this ::cough:: magic free setting.
@Squishy-Just the picture and paragraph. This entire slideshow is like that for a bunch of network shows. I wouldn't expect footage until February at least.
thanks, Dusk!

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