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January 14 2016

The 20 best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. "This is how many best-of Buffy lists for us now?" "Oh, uh, well six, at least. Feels like a hundred."

I just rewatched Buffy, and now I want to do it again. So glad to see some love for Tabula Rasa. It was such a great followup to OMWF, and I rarely see it on lists like this one. I agree with the #1 choice, but it's the one episode I always skip as my brother died the same way. I will say it gets that kind of death and aftermath just right, based on my own experience.
Just here to compliment Simon on the apt quote.

Except I think the hundred might be closer to the actual number. :)
A pretty reasonable list as these things go - it isn't my list obvs - but I've seen a lot worse.

After all this time it's kinda remarkable that people are still drawing up these lists.
You can tell you're a hard core Buffy nerd when you can predict the top 5, in order, from the first 15...
Season six had its problems in that it never really felt like it knew where it was going post-Buffy's sacrifice in season five

Huh? I never got that. It always seemed like they had a plan.

Did anyone feel the same as the author?
What is the plural of "Buffy Lists"?

"Buffys Lists"?
I had heard a spoiler at the beginning of the season that Willow was going to be the big bad for the year. Then Willow had her addiction and went to Wiccan Betty Ford and I thought that Marti and TPTB had changed their collective overmind midway through the season. I thought, "Good, I didn't want to know ahead of time." and made a greater effort not to read spoilers.

I got the Season One DVD set and had listened to Joss's commentary track for Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest where he talks about wanting to do a title card for Eric Balfour as Jessie, just so he could immediately kill him off and make the audience realize that no one was safe. I listened to that for the first time one week before Seeing Red aired and I still cheered when Amber got credited in the main titles. I was absolutely blindsided by Tara's death. Leading to my unresolved Joss ambivalence, "I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN."

So, my belief is that, for better or worse, Season Six was as meticulously plotted and planned out far ahead of time as carefully as anything JossCo has ever done. I think the feeling of drift is intentionally baked into the season. Since that was what Buffy, and several others, were feeling. It put us in their stylish yet affordable boots and let us feel their pain and loss of the black and white simplicity of youth.

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Also, what is the collective noun for Buffy Lists?
Any suggestions?
You must admit it doesn't grow old so quit britching!!

Saw what I did there? I'm so silly! Okay, back to normal. (Hehe)
There were a few great episodes in Season 6 -- OMWF, Normal Again, Tabula Rasa, and probably others -- but I can relate to the author's statements. It felt less focused and I felt I was not quite as in touch with the characters. I think it was my second or third least favorite season.
My favorite was season 5, I think.
At the time, I thought S6 was weak because the Trio were so weak. I can look back on it now and see the structure of it, and how the "Big Bad" of the season was not so much a supernatural threat, but rather a human one. So I appreciate that season much more now than I did while it was transpiring... but my lack of respect for the Trio colored my reactions to their various reappearances in S7 and beyond.
I liked Jonathan's attempt at redemption. Too late by a lot, yes. He was an accessory after the fact to murder, but not a murderer himself. But at the end, at long last, he might have been ready to take some personal responsibility for his actions. Sadly he, and we, never got to find out.

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