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October 17 2002

Buffy Season Three details are out, courtesy of DVD File. For those of us who still have to wait for Region 1 DVDs, it comes out on January 7th.

Features will include commentary by Joss Whedon and Co. on "Helpless", "Bad Girls", "Consequences", and "Earshot", Joss being interviewed for the last three of those, plus "Enemies" and "Graduation Day Parts 1 & 2". Also features an interview with monster master John Vulich, plus some featurettes (Special Effects, Wardrobe, Weapons, Season 3 Overview, and "Buffy Speaks"). We've got the expected cast bios, and last, but certainly not least, there should be scripts for "Faith, Hope, and Trick", "Brain Candy", "The Wish", and "Lover's Walk".

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