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April 07 2004

Down on Tony? (NSFW...)

ASH in a live 'Little Britain' sketch.

(Huhhuh... she said 'little'.)

roflmao! Tony's a legend.
Cool picture. Please don't take this down, tight-ass admins! Heh.
I am the bloody admin, I posted the link. What are you on about?
what does NSFW mean?... and funny picture!
Hilarious!! NSFW= Not Safe For Work.
hahaha the caption makes the picture even more funnier.. thanks for the clarification :)
lol excellent pic !
Wow, if he doesn't look like a stern watcher there, I don't know what.....just needs glasses....mmmmm
Thanks Caroline! That totally made my day!
But come on, no one's making jokes about Tony and Head???
Sorry too early for me to be witty. Damn funny pic though! Don't suppose that skit is downloadable somewhere?
Sorry Caroline, just foolin' around.
...and people look at me funny when i say this man is HOT! *sigh* well he is, those agists.
OK, Chirp, no problem.
Ahhhh, a pic with both humor and pretty Tony!
"There are no comments for this image" it even comes with a punchline! :D

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