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January 14 2016

Drew Goddard and Mark Ruffalo get nominated for Oscars. Drew got nominated in the Adapted Screenplay category for his 'The Martian' script and Mark in the Supporting Actor category for his role in 'Spotlight'.

Congratulations to both.
"Oscar Nominated Screenwriter Drew Goddard" has a great ring to it!
DREW GODDARD! He is going to SCIENCE the hell out of the Oscars!

This is also the nomination he should have won for Cabin in the Woods.

This also bolsters my theory that the reason why Spielberg didn't direct Robopocalypse was Goddard's script was too good and he need time to readjust his traditional film making style!

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Yay for both of them! Haven't seen Spotlight yet, but The Martian was great.
Woot!!!!! Bright spot on a sad day in geekdom.

I'm very happy that both are being honored. They deserve it.
Congrats to Drew - was a fantastic script! As to Mark, I have liked him in other things but his was my least favorite of the main characters in Spotlight. His portrayal seemed to lack nuance - just an angry dude - maybe channeling too much Bruce Banner.
I haven't seen Spotlight but I didn't eve know Mark was in it.

I do wonder if his performance in A Normal Heart was a factor for some Academy members. It was an outstanding piece of work but for the TV.
So Cloverfield sequel is coming out in a few months and no one knew about it. I wonder if Drew is involved?
I think Goddard has a good chance to win. I may just be biased, but I think he did a superlative job of capturing the essence of the book in a very accessible movie adaptation. I can't think of a single thing he kept I would have cut, nor thing he cut I would have kept.
The Martian was a great script. I'm happy Drew was nominated.
Mark Ruffalo was excellent in "Spotlight," as was "The Martian." I hate awards ceremonies, but I think I have to watch this time around.

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