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January 14 2016

(SPOILER) Buffyverse covers and solicitations for April. Angel & Faith #25, Buffy #26 and Buffy The High School Years - Freaks And Geeks.

Angel & Faith # 25 is the final season 10 issue for this series. Buffy The High School Years - Freaks And Geeks is solicited for June 1.

Curiously there has been an announced date for Buffy the High School Years - Freaks And Geeks known for ages, just nobody really noticed (I only saw that info myself last week). Announced on Dark Horse Buffy Zone Editor Note from October 2015.

The dates don't match, but probably is the same date shift releases for TPBs reaching bookstores (Amazon, B&N, others) and them reaching Comic Book stores (which is always a bit earlier).
Interesting that the 'High School Years' is executive produced by Joss. I assumed it would be another 'Into the Light', which wasn't listed as such and definitely showed when reading.

Koh has the Darth Maul vibe going on in that A&F variant!

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