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January 15 2016

Bones' eleventh season may be its last. David Boreanaz's long running series may be coming to a end. If this is its last season then it had a great 11 year run.

Eleven years is HUGE, especially in this day and age. Really much catch up on the last season .... I've always enjoyed it. I hear Castle might also be approaching its end, but it, too, has had a really good run. Probably my two favorite programs.
That's what the said about the 10th season.

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Maybe we can get a Fillion/Boreanaz buddy cop show?
So now we can get Angel S6, right? :(
I'm so pleased for his accomplishments. Bones has always been quality. I've only caught episodes here and there but I always enjoyed them. It really has been a great run.
I had no idea this show was still on. David's had almost a twenty year career now. Pretty impressive.
This should is on the bubble and the cost might finally kill it. Castle is very likely gone. I really hope the writers give both shows a great send-off. Personally, I think a Richard / Alexis P.I. should would be fun.
your cell phones do not spell well, people
Maybe we can get a Fillion/Boreanaz buddy cop show?

I'd rather see a Boreanaz/Stana Katic buddy cop show myself. Nothing against Nathan...
I still watch Bones, but the quality of the episodes have been slowly sinking I think. It is still good though, but they do not have the same edge the first seasons had. Things started to go south when when Zack departed.

And I miss Dr Goodman, but that is a personal thing. Being an archaeologist and all.

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I miss Dr. Goodman too! Love the Christmas episode of the first season.

I'm definitely a fan of the show, but part of me is curious to see what all these people will wind up doing next.
That was a good episode. Yes, it is quite a lot of actors who have gotten their experience on that show.

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