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January 15 2016

"Supergirl" episode promo guest starring Emma Caulfield. She will portray DC Comics character Cameron Chase, in the live action debut of the character.

The episode airs next Monday.

Yes, because Emma Caulfield belongs in a live-action superhero environment. Ideally one set in the 1940s or featuring classic clothing of the era.
Crap... that means I have to actually watch the show again.
I gave the show four episodes. I liked a lot of the characters, but I found the action scenes lacking. They dragged the whole episode down.

Maybe I will watch this episode.
I saw bits of this show because I sometimes find my mom has it in the background while she relaxes in the afternoon.

I didn't hate what I saw but the little I saw reminded me of early Smallville and so I didn't love what I saw either.
It's growing on me. The bad is the "You Go Supergirl, You Go" aspect of the show. I like to work out that a show is feminist rather being told that it is every five minutes. The love triangle is a square in a round peg. That screams of network interference. The good is the everyday life aspect of being a superhero and Calista Flockhart. Oh and Supergirl's fight scenes are genuinely thrilling to watch.

So far Supergirl is fun frothy stuff. And safe. Very safe. But that might change down the line. I will say that my six year old son and I like to watch it together. He enjoys it a lot. It's the only show of mine I'll let him watch.
"The love triangle is a square in a round peg."

Already my favorite sentence of the week!
She's so underutilized, once again.
Way underutilized, but considering they cast her as a DC comics character, not just a random FBI Agent, hoping she'll return for more prominent role for an arc later in the season.

At least they're not afraid to embrace her powers, that always bothered me on Smallville. But agreed on the very safe comments from Simon.
This particular episode was easily the weakest of the lot. Not least because the only reason Chase's team let loose with a hail of bullets at an unarmed man standing with his hands at his sides is because the writer knew it wasn't real. The fastest way to make me dislike an episode.
Yay for Emma Caulfield, but have to say 'meh' to the show overall (insofar as I've seen it.) I gave it the good old "3 episode treatment" when it first started, and I'm sorry to say that it ended up coming across as all flash, no substance.
Which is ironic, since what it really reminds me of is the Flash - just minus all the fun, cool, substantive bits like the joining of the DCCW and DCAU universes. Not to mention karaoke.
b!X, writer laziness has been a recurring problem for this series IMO... which is why I gave up after a generous (for me) four or five episodes.

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