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"I watched Passions with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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January 15 2016

The cold, hard stats of vampire comedies. A deconstruction of over 60 years of vampire comedy films (including the original Buffy film).

Wait...which vampire comedies are you referring to. I mean there's slap stick, then there's....I'm not making a please?
No Lost Boys? Fail.
Lost Boys was good stuff.
"What we do in the shadows" is so good.

I liked the "Vamps" movie starring Krysten Ritter. :)

The original "Buffy" is flawed, but I enjoy warching it every now and then.
Oh please! You aren't helping at all.
One thing that makes me happy is that Buffy/Angel ruined me for other vampire shows. I get upset when I don't hear the dusting sound when a vamp gets staked and it turns me off the new vampire series or movie that I am watching. Kept me from seeing Twilight, woo hoo!

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