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January 18 2016

(SPOILER) What Agent Carter has in store for Season 2. TV Guide interview with the showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (Dollhouse) ahead of tomorrow's premiere.

I second Dusk's request.
Might as well.
Great! Carter's got loyalty from me. I'm skipping/recording The Expanse to accommodate her two hours tomorrow.
I made the same call re The Expanse, Dusk. Besides, it repeats at 3 a.m., so it can be recorded then.
Same. Though I have to be up at 7:30 Wednesday morning. That's going to be a bit of a pain. Glad to see we are in sync like last year Nebula! I just browsed through last season's thread and had fun remembering our chats.
Does anyone know whether this season will be on Hulu the day after airing like SHIELD has been?
It was a lot of fun, Dusk! Let's hope we haven't grown all old and disagreeable for the new season.
All you young whippersnappers with your Hulu and your The Interwebs,
I get mine weekly soupçon of Sousa as TPTB intended, Wednesday morning on amazon.
All you Americans and your fancy streaming services. Canadians just polity glaring in jealousy from our geoblocked igloos and descending dollar woes.
Hey! Some of us are watching Agent Carter as it airs, like in the olden days, when everything was better.
SHIELD has been on 8 day delay on free Hulu since Jan 2014. Carter will most likely also be on delay unless you have a subscription.
Some of us are watching Agent Carter as it airs, like in the olden days.

Gosh . . . . , you are actually watching it in 1946, that must be the cat's pajamas.
Gosh . . . . , you are actually watching it in 1946, that must be the cat's pajamas.

Communicating with people 70 years in the future is killer-diller!
Considering people are on here live-blogging every episode of AoS and Agent Carter, I don't think there's any shortage of people who watch it as it airs (myself included).
I finally caught up with you guys and watched Season 1 on Hulu last week the moment I realized it was up. I'm looking forward to watching Season 2 as it airs.
I have my red fedora ready.
So is this our comment thread for the season?

And for those willing start a bit early, there's the Captain America special before Agent Carter premiere, which will feature Jeph Loeb ans some SHIELD cast members.
Might not do the Special, I'm a Flash fan too. Tuesday is my most congested TV night of the week. Thursday might be a problem though depending on how I react to Legends of Tomorrow and Colony.
Neat, even John Cassaday got some comments in this special.
I'm really loving this special!
Not that we're getting a head start on the Agent Carter discussion, but it's all connected!
The special is a lot of fun, and quite smart.

Are we commenting on Agent Carter here tonight??
Yep! In just a few minutes, right here!
And we're off!
Hooray!!! We're back!!! Break out the red lipstick!
Wonder how much Howard (if any) we'll see this season.

Sidenote: While watching Spotlight I kept smirking, because they had Howard Stark as Bruce Wayne and Bruce Banner boss. Yeah, silly me.

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Chief Sousa. That's exciting.
Bernard Stark...
Brilliant opening! So going to watch that fight again!

Thompson still likes to mess with Peggy and Sousa I see. How long to we give Dottie to break out? 1 episode? 10 minutes?
Dottie is SO going to get away now, isn't she? Loved the fedora fake-out at the bank.

Not plot related - Hayley Atwell wears red lipstick better than anyone I can think of.
Ha - Bernie Stark!

I wonder if we will get any more reason for Peggy going west, besides the chief picking her. I guess he was done with her?
So Howard is likely to show up...
So who's Thompson's blaming once "Dottie" gets away from confinement....
This is already so hot!
I missed the credits. Did Michele and Tara write this episode?
"Fetch a chisel" - great line.
No, Numfar. Some guy I never heard of wrote it...
I'm disappointed in Sousa. Dude, if I'm living vicariously through you, I'm calling Hayley Atwell if it's a 3 week time difference.
Brant Englestein
He best have a reason better then life & time zones.
Writer is Brant Englestein accdg to IMDB.
Sousa still has guy brains, Dusk. OR, we may get the cryptic filled in at some point.
This guy is hilarious!
He's the devil in pink.

What do you do for relaxation, assemble rifles?

I love Mrs. Jarvis already.

Fast paced tonight.
I have guy brains too. You don't ignore Peggy/Hayley even if your in a different hemisphere.
There is a back story. I'm sure it will come out.
I knew it! Docicle!
Guy brains... Uncuffing her.


Previous comment has to do with being emotionally bottled up. This one has to do with Thompson just being a dope.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-20 03:45 ]
A twist already!

Dottie will be out before 10 PM tonight.
What does Red Foreman want with Dottie?
I was going to ask that question! :D
So, there was a lot of information there, but may I assum "Red Foreman" (can't even recall what's his character name here) is Hydra?
The name of his character is Vernon Masters. I think he may be Hydra as well. It also looks like he's trying to seduce...

Oh, my! James D'Arcy.
Was that portal goo at the end? Is Wilkes a mad scientist?

I'm exhausted and will watch second ep tomorrow. I thought this ep got a little slow but overall I was happy with the episode. Hayley Atwell is a delight.

And Dottie! She's getting out once she has what she wants.
I guess those guys on the "Council" are Hydra. The symbol was over the door to the bar.
Aw Sousa, you should have told her!

Bwhahahaha Jarvis & Peggy.

This isn't so much a new premiere feels like a continuation directly from last year.

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-01-20 04:12 ]
Peggy dancing, the vision Wanda made Steve see in Age of Ultron comes to mind.
Uh, oh! Scary-looking dude with music.
It's amazing how well integrated this show is into the rest of the MCU. The dance scene did make the scene in AOU come to mind.
As much as I hate their sinking my ship, Wilkes has got style here.

I can *almost* feel a bit bad for Frost but I know her from a recent Hawkeye book and she's beyond sympathy.
I'm betting Whitney Frost is the big bad.
This guy may not live through my typing this comment ...
He'll live, at least long enough to give Sousa the emotional kick in the teeth he deserves.
Qour'toh portal?

Howard's inventions sometimes come in handy.
Wrong 'verse! LOL! To wherever the blue Hydra planet is.

And that is definitely a Hydra pin. I bet Peggy and Dottie have to team up in this story.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-20 04:43 ]
And the boat has sunk...
Peggy and Dottie teaming up would be AWESOME.
Is this related to Maveth?
The US and the Soviet Union were allies against Nazi Germany. Hydra is an extension of that, so Peggy and Dottie may become temporary allies.
Aw shit.

Leviathan did hate Hydra so it could work for a team up.
This show (so far) has been well worth the wait. I'm enjoying every minute of it. At least 3 more viewings for me in the next week!
I am highly suspicious of Perfect Nurse Girlfriend.
So am I, javelina. I almost said that a few times.
And if Nebula and javelina agree ...

The trailer looked like it was covering more than just next week, didn't it?
Perhaps the start of Whitney's comic identity there...

Wilkes is probably alive but the way Sousa reacted tells me the ship has life boats. I don't advocate cheating or love melodrama -but Violet is just a 'perfect' roadblock right now so I want her gone. And I am biased here, bit of a personal stake in this horse race but I'll admit I'm not neutral.

Awesome premiere, lots of ground covered, funny, great action, intriguing new case and still love Dottie and Peggy/Jarvis. Ana's great too. Night all. Wish me luck at 7:30 AM
Zero matter is what that dude who turned off the lights that stalked Amy Acker had.
Yes! Good catch, Grack21.
Luck at 7:30 AM, Dusk!
I'd say it was a good catch but I, uh, read it in an article. :P
The symbol on the pin totally looks like that NASA symbol though.
:) @ Grack21.

That NASA symbol was a variation of the Hydra symbol. Perhaps that variation has to do with the zero matter.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-20 05:17 ]
I bet Wilkes got sucked into the portal to another planet and/or dimension.

Either that or he gets superpowers.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-20 05:20 ]
I liked Wilkes, so I assume he's dead.

That zero matter did have portal like qualities. From what I've read it has something to do with Doctor Strange, or the film at least. As my Marvel knowledge extends to mostly X-men I have no idea what that could be though.

It also reminded me of the gravittonium, but it could be the SFX team is just using the same software to render weird goop.
I really enjoyed tonight's premiere(as well as the Captain America special).
People did not say "Have a nice day" in 1946. Or in 1956.

It's easier to get the visual appearance of an era right (especially an era after photography) than to get the colloquialisms right. Writers who are younger than the era being portrayed simply don't notice that common phrases are anachronisms.
Great first two episodes, but they're missing an oportunity to do some serious chandleresque dialogue.
From Wikipedia (even though it is not a reliable source):

A variant of the phrase—"have a good day"—is first recorded in Layamon's Brut (c. 1205) and King Horn. "Have a nice day" itself first appeared in the 1948 film A Letter to Three Wives. The phrase was subsequently popularized by truck drivers talking on CB radios.

So are they in 1946 or 1948?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-20 16:37 ]
Period pieces have always used anachronistic language... partly deliberately, so the audience can understand what's being said, and partly unintentionally, because it's impractical (especially on a TV show schedule) to vet everything everyone says. Most people won't notice unless a really obvious slang phrase or expression is used. "Downton Abbey" gets called all the time for using anachronistic expressions, partly because Julian Fellowes can't spend all his time searching for dates of first usage, and partly because the dialogue would sound weird and distracting if everyone talked exactly as they did in the 1920's.

The biggest anachronism in Agent Carter this week was Dr. Wilkes... a black man in 1947 America... proposing a dinner date with a white woman he'd just met. Even in a place as cosmopolitan as L.A., that would be extremely unusual. More unusual than someone saying "Have a nice day," I would guess.
Agreed, AndrewCrossett: in the 2nd ep, Sousa remarks that the club is popular with the "colored crowd" and the guy in the all-night diner is somewhat openly racist -- but in both eps, Dr. Wilkes is quite brazenly flirting with Peggy.

If you're going to comment on race relations in the US in the mid-20th century, you really need to be consistent about it. I'm okay with color-blind casting in general, but historicity is kind of an important concept in period pieces.

I'm fine with Peggy's character blowing off the racism of the period, but Dr. Wilkes' doing so is really taking me out of the story (which otherwise I'm enjoying tremendously).
Hi all,

I just caught up with the second ep. I agree that Wilkes and racism could have been handled better. But I accepted the story because I felt Wilkes personality was just very very very confident and his outlook was so positive. Peggy did mention her surprise at his confidence a few times. She seemed to like it. I think Wilkes is still alive and we are going to see more of him. I suspect this positive outlook will have shifted and hope that we will get more of his story from the orange groves.

I like Wilkes. I usually ship Sousa and Carter but Wilkes really was a great suitor. I also fear that Sousa's nurse is Hydra, a spy or fated to be his man pain death. She was definitely way too perfect.

I felt the first episode did drag a little but the second episide was super great. I can't wait to see where they are taking the portal like goo and Ms. Frost.

So Red is the FBI? I guess he's suspect for Hydra?
Are we going to get a pinned thread to discuss this season going forward? Or will we get a new thread for each episode?
Pinned like last season.
@AndrewCoorsett-Simon agreed to pin this to the side for the whole season. We did it for another thread last year. EDIT: Thanks Simon!

@hann23-Wilkes has got style and the actor is good. Don't think he's dead either. Personally as a physically disabled male with a crush on Hayley Atwell, those two kisses last night were terrible for me and I want Violet the nurse to just leave. The 1 show with someone like me getting treated as a serious love interest and they throw up roadblocks of a possible fiance and a love triangle at the same time? Ugh. Think she might be another Dottie though.

Red Foreman (doubt I'll ever use his real character name) might be under the Dude Council we saw. Both Dottie and Peggy seem to be working against them, I demand a team-up.

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-01-20 22:34 ]

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-01-20 22:40 ]
You guys were in here live posting during the premiere and no one came and got me!!? Harrumpf. And huff. ;)
I think I would prefer that the Vernon Waters character not be part of any secret society and just be a garden variety bureaucratic jerk. As for Dottie I can see feel an odd couple vibe somewhere on the horizon.

The race angle is a bit puzzling. I have noticed over the years that the racial attitudes in Great Britain are a good bit different than the US. So its not a surprise that Peggy comes over as very unprejudiced. Wilkes
otoh is quite a bit more confident and forward than I would have expected if historical accuracy was being sought after. I expect we are going to get some static on this issue.

In general this was an excellent start.
I also fear that Sousa's nurse is Hydra, a spy or fated to be his man pain death.

I got a very strong vibe of that last choice & I really, really hope that's not where they go with her.

So nice to have Peggy back!
The nurse is obviously just his handler.
Just caught it off the ABC website. So good to have it back, just enjoy the heck out of the show - Hayley is a terrific actress, and the Carter/Jarvis dynamic entertains me to no end. Only quibble is that I did not find Wilkes as charming as writers perhaps hoped. He came off, to me anyway, as kind of smarmy and a bit of a player - orange grove talk or not.

Saw the ratings have come in, and I believe they were pretty disappointing. 1.0/0.9 Assuming they dip a bit after the premiere this may be the last we see of AC for a while, so hopefully I enjoy the rest of this LA romp as much as I did these first two entries
I saw the ratings reports. Do you think Netflix would pick up for it's Marvel collection?
It might be a good fit for Netflix, actually... a show with quite a few devoted viewers who happen not to watch commercials. (I'm thinking Agent Carter's audience probably doubles when DVR numbers are included.)
Just a guess, but I'd think it'd be unlikely Netflix would be a suitor. With a new Daredevil series about to premiere, another season of Jessica Jones greenlit, a Punisher series in development, and Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders still to come ... there has to be a saturation point. Doesn't there?

That said, I would not be shocked if 5 years down the line Marvel launches it's own cable network. Between the movie library, the TV shows, the animation archives, and whatever new stuff they create (specials, documentaries, etc) they have to be getting close to having enough content to support that
That's a shame about the low ratings. This show has got charm in spades and I think so far it's a great improvement over last year. I'm looking forward to seeing Ken Marino make his first appearance.
Marvel hasn't shown any concern thus far about a saturation point.
Marvel hasn't shown concern for overnight ratings either, so I wouldn't worry too much.
I love Bernard Stark. Hope he becomes a permanent character.

While I like Wilkes, I don't care for the anachronistic portrayal of race relations for the sake of political correctness. Every time Peggy rejected him I at least expected him to wonder if race might be a factor, but apparently the possibility never crossed his mind. For a show that treats sexism of the period so sensitively, they could do a much better job in their depiction of racism and interracial relationships.
Others have mentioned that there are several changes in the America being shown from the one that actually happened. Things like everybody smoking back then or overt racial bigotry
but not reflecting it on the show. Some stuff they can get away with like not having anyone smoke, because no one cares that much about whether or not people smoke. But people do
care about race. The problem is that if you showed things realistically you would make something that was unwatchable. That means you have two choices; water it down or ignore it.
I expect we will get some of both.
Airing again right now.
Warming up the room for the evening.
I love Animal. Still awesome.
Wilkes is being set up.
OK... They said it, too.
Go Peggy! Figuring out the frame already. Woot!
LOL! This episode is hilarious already!
'Movie based on a comic book is a dreadful idea.' Ha!
Going all meta.
The keep their ranks male and pale.
Madame Masque's face is made of zero matter...
Just realized that it be cool if we get later season (maybe 4 or 5) that it way far ahead in the timeline, with SHIELD formed, and John Slattery as Howard Stark.
awwwwwww noooooo invisiWilkes?

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-01-27 03:10 ]
Who the hell is invisible?
I was thinking Wilkes, too!
Wilkes has become the ultimate pale male.
Male and pale Bwhhahaha.

Jack, always a pleasure. Did Red Foreman convert him?
Now Wilkes can be any kind of spy he wants.
LMAO! Too much goodness in this episode already.
Ugh, Thompson, hope Dottie get to smack him again.
Ah... This episode was written by Jose Molina.
Fear in the eyes of the men. LOL!
OMG, I want the pink flower.

oh @Nebula that's good info.

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-01-27 03:18 ]
Wait...Is Jack conning Foreman?

Starks, good for party crashing no matter the era.
It's good to be aware of all the Whedon connections in this series, since it isn't technically a Whedon show.
Molina is live tweeting right now -- at least he was. He might be sick. Oops.
Way to go Peggy!

Miss the plane...
I love that Peggy doesn't need to hide anymore, and just throw everything on Jack's face.
Wow! It's Peggy?

LOL! The wine!
So is WIlkes someone in the comics?
Wilkes is in the comics. Very similar character.
If they had the mutant rights he could be Shadowcat...

But as far as I know he has no comic character. Only Peggy, Howard and Jarvis do from this show.

EDIT: JDL Really? Can you link him?

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-01-27 03:32 ]
Huh. TIL thanks!
Just read the same passage on Wilkes. Very small entry but I think the character is full of possibilities.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-01-27 03:41 ]
Brunette and Blonde...similar but drastically different outlooks, wanting to rip each other's throats out...when did Faith and Buffy get here?

Thanks Nebula and JDL.
You're welcome, Dusk.

Brunette and Blonde?
Whitney and Peggy, I think.

Although, Peggy was going after that punching bag ala Buffy.
OK. I tend to think of Peggy as a redhead, but she could be either.
Go Jarvis!

Lady McBeth-Masque.

Jack's in the unfriend zone.
And yes, Witney and Peggy. Haley's hair looks brown to me.

Howard! Rude to walk through people. Moaning Myrtle would be very upset.
Jarvis 1.0 per hubby.
OK. I tend to think of Peggy as a redhead, but she could be either.
Oops! She drank him through her hand.
That was so so wild. I loved it! This episode was so much fun.

I do think Thompson is playing Red.
He will never live down the name Red.
It would be nice if Thompson turns out not to be a complete jackass.
I want Thompson to be a jackass. I don't know why.
OK Masque from the Hawkeye book didn't do that! Still a good episode.
Madame Masque is going to be able to look like anyone she absorbs.
Her absorption power kind of looks like the Leviathans from Supernatural.
We watch too much TV.
Red secretly works for OCP. He wants the zero matter to defeat Robocop.
Very enjoyable - while still not completely sold on Wilkes, and not particularly crazy about the actress who plays Whitney Frost, there's more than enough entertainment to compensate. Seriously if they decided to just have Peggy, Jarvis, and Howard go off on a cross country road trip I'd watch - their chemistry is so rich that's it's almost distracting when they're NOT on screen.

Nice to see writers give Thompson some shades of gray - I doubt he'll ever be completely "redeemed", but it makes predicting his ultimate fate more interesting
I don't think Thompson has done anything (yet) that really requires a "redemption" story, I just hope his obnoxious and self-serving persona is hiding someone who is genuinely intent on doing the right thing.

I suspect he's playing Vernon Masters at this point, and gave him a phony film reel.
Loved the episode. Loved the meta, "a movie about a comic book sounds dreadful" line. Hee. Jarvis and Peggy continue to be delightful. Also loved Jarvis saying the thing about fearing he'd be a disembodied voice for the rest of his life... ha!! Stark drives me nuts sometimes, but he's also such a good guy too.

Jack is... I kind of hate him, but at the same time I wasn't happy when Peggy threw his own guilt at him. He told her he didn't deserve the medal he got, he knows he doesn't. She knows he hates that people think of him as one thing and react to him accordingly. But his current actions are from his overall attitude of taking care of himself first, meaning making those above him happy, and not because he's actually interested in the truth- which is a separate issue from what he had told her. So putting that in the mix to try and goad him was not a good idea, IMO. But I do think he'll eventually be spurred on by wanting to do the right thing. Eventually. I think part of him wanted to tell Sousa over drinks about Red and the rest, but Sousa isn't interested because I don't think he respects Jack either and now Jack knows it. :/

So, no Angie at all this season, right? Bummer. And I kind of hope the woman that runs the front of the house, the pretend talent agency, gets to participate in at least one sting or whatever you want to call it.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-01-27 20:39 ]
Angie will appear once in, iirc, episode 8.
Did anyone else notice the stained glass window in Howard Stark's basement lab that looked like the ark reactor device-thingy that used to be sticking out of Iron Man's chest ? The camera very specifically and intentionally focused on it as Howard walked out of frame and lingered on it for a moment. Almost like it inspired the design of the eventual device, as art and architecture so often do.
OT but presumably not worthy of a home-page post: AV Club reports
ABC orders four new pilots, including one from Agent Carter team:
Executive produced by Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters, The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez is described as "Macbeth with a Cuban twist." The pilot was written by Charise Castro Smith, who executive produces alongside the Carter duo. The Death Of Eva Sofia Valdez follows a woman, Eva Sofia Valdez, who immigrates to Miami and becomes a successful entrepreneur and champion of immigrant rights. But her thirst for success as well as threats from her past start to catch up with her, and her supposed American Dream starts to crumble.

@Kris: I did notice that! It was a really nice Easter egg.
A package with holes in it. A puppy?
Damn! I wanted it to be a puppy. Or a pony.
LOL! @ the button.

And hello, all!
I expected the Tasmanian Devil to be in that box.
Aw Little Peggy!

The director got his wish to be inside Frost...
She can't absorb the rat.
Well, she's experimenting.....
I guess she can.
Jarvelous is the new word of the day.
Wow, we're going further into the past, even before the 1st Captain America.
"You gave him a cold."
Yeah, I like these flashbacks a lot.
Fiance? That won't end well....
I like the flashbacks in this. It's nice to have some backstory on the characters. It also continues to highlight the struggles of women in a different way than the more overt ways the show did last season.
Fiance? That won't end well....

Awww, they'll be together forever, Dusk!
Red Forman needs to die!
I'm not sure whose more stubborn-Peggy or Red.

Does the Dark Matter want to reabsorb Wilkes?
Peggy's more stubborn. It's her show.
Do not underestimate Peggy Carter.
Michael Carter? For reasons I can't explain, I hate that name! I like his character, though!
I kinda like Peggy's brother.
Jarvis isn't in this one all that much, but he can steal a scene with four words or less.
This episode seems like it has even better writing than the 1st three.
Is this the husband that Captain America saves during the war, then?
Also we need an "official" definition for Jarvelous.
I like Peggy's brother, too. He just has the name of a man I know who abuses women.
Well that was sad. :(
I'm hearing Killgrave every time one of the guys in this episode tells her to smile...
Yay, the woman that works the front of the store will get in on the action! (I've been hoping so.)
Another great episode in the can. :) This show better come back again next year!
I wonder if they were thinking of the Red Scare when they cast Vernon Masters. :)
I wonder if they were thinking of the Red Scare when they cast Vernon Masters. :)

That thought crossed my mind, too. 😀
Very enjoyable - used Jarvis to great comedic effect, and the back stories were both well fleshed out, Peggy's in particular I did not see coming.
A great episode. Whitney could have easily been a cackling villain but Wynn Evert really makes her more. The "Whatever I want" eerily echoed Dottie's "Whoever I want" from last year.

Speaking of Dottie, she's probably in Red Foreman's Arena prison, will Peggy bust her out for a team-up?!
Dottie is sure to show up at some fortuitous time.
I love this show.
Agree @jcs, I just caught the last episode and it was great. Hayley Atwell was just amazing. And I love Whitney Frost - holy wow she's an amazing character. I kind of want her to win and that's very bad.

Sigh I wish we had many more eps. I'm going to try and be here on Tuesday but I have an important school mtg. Hopefully, it will resolve quickly.
Is it bad that I live for Tuesdays?
Don't feel bad. I live for Wednesdays, which is when I get to watch all of your Tuesday TV over here :D
Hey everyone! Apparently starting next week we're getting two episodes every Tuesday?! While I am happy to get more sooner I worry this is a burn-off.
@Dusk Not a burn-off. One of these was always in the cards because they expanded to 10 episodes and when the SotU killed the Jan 5th date it forced this result.
The 16th and 23rd airings will be doubles and the Mar 2 finale will be a single.
OK! that's somewhat of a relief. You'd think they'd do a two hour finale though. Is there something special about March 2nd at 10 PM that they can't move?
What JDL said. I'm going to think positively about this. It would be heartbreaking to have AC not return.

Is there anything on the network at 10 pm on ABC? I can't even watch shows I like after AC airs, because even a good show feels like a letdown in comparison.
Tonight I think its election coverage for the east coast. Luckily I can switch to CTV. Some Americans might not be able too though.
Yeah. That's going to be a pain, especially since we will know the results in the long run, anyway. That is in no way to be construed as being apolitical, but it is irritating that there is likely to be interference with Agent Carter.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-02-10 02:45 ]
Ready. Hungry, but ready.
Why is this running overtime? It's going to mess with my DVR!
Are our shows going to get messed with every time there's a damned primary? Because there are 48 more to go. Nobody cares.
American politics ruins everything good.
Everybody recording this is going to miss the last 5 minutes.
So that was what happened, surprised I didn't miss the first few minutes from the previously section, while switching from Flash to Agent Carter.
How do I fix my DVR??? Arrrgh.
Hm. Whitney's scar didn't grow there.

Peggy & Jarvis should be somewhere cramped together every season.

Noping through the purposing scene.
So damn adorable! (Sadly.) (For obvious reasons.)
Feel so lucky to be on the Canadian feed right now.

Set the DVR to record the 10 PM show too I think.
Recreation tie?
OK, Dusk, you are ahead of me by a scene, because of the time delay.
I figured it out!!!
How did she conclude that she needed an a-bomb?
The "zero matter" told her?... Seems like a stretch....
Bwhahahahaha "...Agent"
I enjoy being the one in the time warp.
Nice disguise and accent....
I want one of those devices!
They carried that zap joke about three zaps too far, I'm afraid.
Some minor anger management issues.
Whitney knows the Psycho of Chivalry.

That mention of pie was a not as subtle as Rose thinks it was.

The Slow-Mo Swagger Stumble.
"We need your equipment" - imagine if they said that to Howard.
I don't know what to do with this show, I really don't! *is giddy*
This show and Sherlock have been the two highlights of 2016 so far.
Nice Rose!

And sorry Jarvis, no it's not!
Rose is awesome!
Shades of Cordelia.
Spoiler alert! Peggy lives.
Is this changing to Agent Rose for a while ? :) That's like a long recovery time for Peggy normally.
I could go for Agent Rose.
One roadblock gone. The evil shipper in me wants that ending to be permanent, but for now I'm just happy no more Random Nurse.
D'awwn. Jarvis is so cute. Can I have one?
Knew it! Team-up!
OOOOOOoooooooo! Can't wait for next week.
I want a Jarvis, too!
Oh yes! The next promo is the Dottie/Peggy team-up! Slash fanfic writers get ready!
Do any of us deserve a Jarvis ?
But I'd be nice to him and appreciate him and never make him wrangle a flamingo and feed him honey every day and... oh wait. That last thing is to keep a Brownie. Scratch that.

No one deserves a Jarvis. Except maybe Mrs. Jarvis.
I'm pretty sure Rose must be the inventor of the phrase "you've got this."
Liking how they double down on the funny bits in this one.

I was lukewarm on the show in season 1 but I'm really starting to warm up to it more and more.

But yea, a they could've cut a few of the zaps there at the end.
Another great episode. I love this show - alot.

Agent Rose was as expected --awesome. I loved Peggy's line to Sousa - I'm seeing Sousa, but hearing Jack Thompson. That was perfect.

And how about Hayley Atwell in disguise. Holy heck, her personality was so different that I was almost confused. She's a gift. I know I say this every week. I just have to repeat myself.

I'm really curious where they are going with this zero matter. I'm not familiar with the comic history so I don't know. It sounds like it can easily tie in anywhere. Do we know if this is the same stuff that Agents of Shield is dealing with?

There were two things that were a little off. Peggy being impaled was just too perfectly safe. How the heck did Nurse Violet know for sure that all vital organs were missed? And how in heck could she pick up that Sousa didn't love her watching him with Peggy while she was bleeding out? I know the season is short but that was a bit much. I'd much prefer the Violet is a spy theory. And how did Peggy stop bleeding.....

Alas these were minor annoyances. I'm pleased a roadblock is gone even if I felt really bad for Violet. She seems handy to have around. Maybe she could hook up with Thompson.

And Dottie next week! With Whitney! And Peggy! So much vicious glamour!
hann23-Zero Matteris actually known as Darkforce is the modern day. SHIELD dealt with it once in S1 during the Amy Acker guest episode. The killed the darkness guy with a bunch of fancy lights. Darkforce is also going to be in the Dr. Strange movie. It effects everyone differently.
Gripe. Apparently none of the writers understand the literal meaning of the phrase "critical mass". Watching the agents blithely loading two bombs' worth of enriched fuel side by side into one small suitcase bothered me a lot. I'm assuming no lead jackets around the two payloads because no one had trouble lifting or carrying the suitcase.
Haley Atwell is so wonderful. She & Enver together could be the best undercover team ever. I'm glad she's got a new pilot cos I want to see more of her, but I really really really hope we get another season of Agent Carter.
About Rose: I'd been wondering for many years what "moxie" was. Now I think I've seen it.
Oops, wrong post! Moved comment.

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-02-14 02:40 ]
I hope this isn't a harbinger of bad news.
Afraid it probably is Nebula. Ratings are down and S1 was a bit of a long shot to begin with. On top of this ABC is more serious about the SHIELD spin-off now. They probably want Arrow/Flash crossover hype. Can't do that with Peggy in the 1940s. Just enjoy it while it lasts and hope theirs no cliffhanger.
So many people have no idea the show exists. Others make the assumption that one day they'll be able get around to it. If this is a sign it's coming to an end, I certainly will miss it. I'm sure they're will be other great shows, but few are as polished as this one is.

Let's hope this show will at least attain cult status, and that people will be talking avidly about it decades after its end.
Is it two episodes tonight? Suddenly my tv listings are showing two, but I hadn't heard anything about it.

[ edited by Eden on 2016-02-17 01:53 ]
Yes Eden. Two more next week as well then a one hour finale on Mar 1st.
Thanks, Dusk.
I forgot about it being a double tonight. I'm suddenly twice as happy.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-02-17 02:43 ]
Let's hope this show will at least attain cult status, and that people will be talking avidly about it decades after its end.

Well, it will have more episodes than Firefly...
He's seeing the same thing that Frodo saw when he put on the ring...
Bummer on Hayley Atwell but I understand it. She's fabulous and will do great. I think that the show is on its way to attain cult status. I'm hoping we may get more episodes here and there with Netflix, especially if they need a back story of any kind for one of the Marvel movies or shows.

It's so good. I hope.
Oh he's lying. Lying liar face.
OMG @NYPinTA -- that's it!!! I couldn't place it!
@hanna23 Someone needs to say, "my precious" in this episode. ;)

Sousa is just as adorable looking a mess as he is when he's not... a mess.
I was so hoping it was going to be Mrs. Jarvis, but this works too.
Could see this one coming since episode 1. Can't wait to see how this plays out!
The team-up we've all been waiting for.

How scared witless is Calvin eh?
2 episodes this week, and 2 episodes next week, then it's finale and the time to go back to AOS.
"This is my surprised face." hahaha.
Uhoh, Connie having PTSD flashbacks?
Yep, about the pin.
I shouldn't be laughing at the electric net, but I am. I'm such a jerk.
Oh, push the button again!
That entire scene will be used in so many slash fanfics...

Poor Ana!
You were not alone, NYPinTA. I laughed out loud, too.
Peggy and Dottie remind me of Xena and Callisto.
Oh I laughed too. It looked like something out of Superfriends from the 1970s Saturday morning cartoons.

Oh I want that Tiffany necklace.

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-02-17 03:21 ]
This episode is a delight.
And he actually chose something that only coincidentally matches what she is wearing and covers her face?
Ugh! Thompson!

Jarvis and Peggy charades FTW
I guess the grooming of Hydra Youth Thompson continues. OR, he decided to actually do his job, and the stuff he saw on film needed following up.
Want me to kill him? LOLOL!
I adore Jarvis. That was great!
Holy shit! even Dottie's a bit unnerved.
I wonder why Dottie left any of them alive. A putsch instead of a wipe out ?
Is Dottie having a "Happy Meals with Legs" epiphany? Probably not...

Oh my shipper heart is hurting from the almostness of that moment. Dang!

And worry worry for the vial!

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-02-17 03:50 ]
Oh, Thompson. What a dick.
Dammit Dottie don't block my ship!
Ah it was a putsch ! Attagirl Whitney.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-02-17 04:14 ]
I'm saying good night here friends. Will catch up tomorrow! Must spread the Peggy goodness out.

And yeah, Thompson is a dick.
Oh, no. Daniel is gonna die!
Yeah, they're kind of ignoring the Doc. It's mean really.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-02-17 04:08 ]
Holy shit! I actually feel bad for Dottie now...

Wilkes keep doing what your doing, my shipper conscience is very happy.
So. He's stuck in the box?
I honestly wasn't expecting the Dottie is disowned idea.
And now my inner-shipper is mad.

Sousa I hope you get the time to call Peggy Mommy in the fun context...

And yeah he's stuck in the box.
So, it's possible to get Whitney Frost stuck in a box, too.
They have an electronic Daisy Johnson!
I'm calling Daisy Johnson "Jitter-Bug" from now on. ;)
I *ADORE* Jarvis. J'adore adore.
Do nothing. Choose neither.
Oh shocker. Something of Stark's didn't work as expected.
Sousa you should probably have played along with Red Foreman...

Dr. Love Jarvis is awesome. Agent Jarvis not so much.
I love that the Doc changed his clothes.
They are all comic book colors.
Oh, no! I hope Ana isn't harmed!
Oh. Now we're going to see what Jarvis is like when Mrs. Jarvis is in trouble...
Okay maybe Agent Jarvis isn't so bad and now his claws are out!
Mr. Jarvis, who knows judo?
The woman playing Whitney is doing a superb job. Almost Kilgrave quality and she's still got three more episodes to get even scarier.
She kind of reminds me of "The Bad Seed."
Is it weird that I actually do ship the psycho mob boss and Miss Frost?
Things got really ugly in the last ten minutes.
I want Whitney to suck up the psycho mob boss, because he's a freaking cliche.
Two hours went way too fast tonight.
Ken Marino has played some of TV's most punchable characters. He will never have trouble finding work.
Whitney dear, you are a monster.

So Wilkes can resist Whitney but did seem kind of interested in her talk of changing the world...

Jarvis isn't going to be happy with Peggy once the shock is done.
Dottie's going to try to run, but Whitney will be able to find her. So she's going to have to seek out Peggy again. And revenge.

I don't want Daniel to die. Plus that would be a second almost relationship Peggy loses to death(ish).
Wilkes may not be solid permanently. I'm betting he's going to become intangible again, and he may disappear completely, or that in order to remain solid, he has to be with Whitney (who probably can't harm him).
That was 2 hours damn well spent.
Would Wilkes sacrifice himself to stop Whitney? Maybe.
Both good episodes. I love it when I don't really know what's going to happen next. But why is it that Dr. Wilks is assumed to be tangible again after his hand slams the floor, when his feet have been hitting the floor and supporting his -- well, not his weight, but his projection in this realm -- for weeks? Even Dottie mentioned 6 walls to form a cube. Sorry, just a story-telling pet peeve of mine.
Incorporeal beings will forever be able to walk on floors in TV and movies, better get over it quickly. :)

Spike had lots of "fun" walking around as an annoying ghost as well, remember?
D-e-f- ... not my point. I'm fine with incorporeal beings walking on floors, up/down stairs, etc. I'll willingly suspend my disbelief in the service of film-making practicality.

But when the writers (or director perhaps) abuse my willingness to suspend disbelief by drawing focus to that unbelievable inconsistency, I'm taken out of the story. When Wilks slapped the floor and it became the oh-so-dramatic proof of his new corporeality, the show denigrated the audience's contribution, that suspension of disbelief. (Can ya tell I was a theater major?)

Had Wilks stumbled in the throes and banged his head or hand on the metal cage, I would have no complaint. But he banged the floor. Major inconsistency. It's weak, and it's lazy.
Woo hoo! A place to chat about Agent Carter!

I wasn't sure about the tone of the season at the start - it seemed like they were overdoing the comedy at times, and I wasn't a fan of the love quadrangle stuff. But as it went on, I think the balance of light/dark is right, and the show is really good at comedy, anyway, plus things are now finally starting to get really serious. I liked Peggy's emotional journey and relationships last year better, but I prefer season 2 main storyline and villain(s).

Whitney Frost is such a great character - a villain whose background and motivations make her understandable and sympathetic. There was always obvious thematic significance in the way Wilkes, a black intellectual, is made invisible (Ralph Ellison, anyone?) and then immaterial, while, as Peggy pointed out, the whole country is watching Whitney, but they are not really seeing her. Different ways that people are marginalized based on the color of their skin or their sex in that era. Whitney made this explicit in the latest episode, but this was probably necessary for Wilkes' arc.
(How marginalized would a black woman be? From what we see on the show so far, they are only visible as servants, ticket sellers, performers, or anonymous sex objects.)

Speaking of which, I'm still reserving judgment of Wilkes' story. He's been marginalized and powerless for so much this season - as a metaphorical reflection of his status as a black man in the 1940s USA. He seemed like such a positive and agreeable guy... far too agreeable and positive. I think he's been suppressing a lot, trying to fit in for so long with the white people around him, being agreeable and likable, smiling all the time, either trying to ignore racism or just accepting it (as when Peggy got angry over the store keeper's racism, and Wilkes, who must be used to it, tried to smooth it over). And now, he must have been really frustrated after having his weight and substance literally denied for weeks - months? The moment he noticed between Sousa and Peggy didn't help - Peggy already has another "suitor", this may have resonated when Whitney told him he was expendable, in addition to pointing out the cold reality of exactly why he was hired by Isodyne. Of course, he tried to deny that in this case the villain had a point, but "The world is all right as it is"... oh, Jason, you're lying to yourself.

I'm really intrigued by what he meant when he said the Dark Matte r was threatening much more than his life. Is it about the danger to one's soul, possibility of turning you into a villain/monster, as it did to Whitney? I'm sure there will be some major drama and character moments with him in the last 3 episodes, and it's high time to see some darkness and emotional complexity from him. He and Whitney are both affected by the Dark Matter; they seem like they are going to be counterparts crucial for the resolution of the story. But so far, we've seen so much of her, she's had so much agency and background, and he's had so little. It's time to change that.
And, now the time to reply to whole bunch of old comments..

@Numfar PTB
"Just realized that it be cool if we get later season (maybe 4 or 5) that it way far ahead in the timeline, with SHIELD formed, and John Slattery as Howard Stark."

Ugh. That's the worst idea ever. Not the SHIELD, I'd love that. The John Slattery as Howard Stark on Agent Carter thing. I can't begin to tell just how absurd that is.

It was already weird and distracting that they had John Slattery as Howard in Ant Man when they also had Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in the same scenes. But at least they were just supporting characters popping up for short screentime in a movie about a completely separate character, and it was not a Captain America movie or a show about Peggy Carter. The latter have consistently been using Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, they even used the photo from the newspaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It would make absolutely no sense to suddenly change Howard on Agent Carter from Dominic Cooper to John Slattery. If the show were to ever go that far into the timeline (which, yes, I know, is extremely unlikely, and it's not sure the show will even get season 3, so this rant may seem pointless - but I'm still going to rant!), Peggy and Jarvis and everyone else would clearly still be played by the same actors, so why the heck would Howard suddenly be recast?! Not only it's weird and distracting, but you can't replicate the same dynamic and actor chemistry with different actors. Dominic Cooper is 4 years older than Hayley Atwell, so if they can make her look convincingly old with makeup, they can do that with him, as well. End rant.

"Jack is... I kind of hate him, but at the same time I wasn't happy when Peggy threw his own guilt at him. He told her he didn't deserve the medal he got, he knows he doesn't. She knows he hates that people think of him as one thing and react to him accordingly. But his current actions are from his overall attitude of taking care of himself first, meaning making those above him happy, and not because he's actually interested in the truth- which is a separate issue from what he had told her. So putting that in the mix to try and goad him was not a good idea."

I disagree. It's very similar, because it comes from the same place of Jack being morally cowardly and wanting validation even if he doesn't deserve it. He may hate being called a war hero and being given a medal, but he still buried the flag and lied about what happened, to avoid admitting he made a bad mistake and taking responsibility. He also knows that there's something fishy going on, and he's aware that he's not being given those opportunities for advancement because of his achievements and capabilities, but because he's a white, able-bodied male of right family background; his fake war heroism and his all-American good looks make him the perfect poster boy/figurehead. Masters' remark that he would get the position due to his "pretty face" probably didn't make him feel too good about himself. This and the woman this week telling him to "smile more" (an unexpected parallel between him and Whitney) underscored how much he's really also used by the powerful old establishment for his superficial qualities. Jack is smart enough to be aware of all that, but he's still ambitious and goes along with it.

He's also clearly been feeling threatened by Peggy, because he knows she's superior to him as agent, and that's why he wanted to get her as far away from the New York office as possible. Part of him wants to do the right thing, but part of him isn't ready to rock the boat and also wants validation and advancement, even if it means continuing to simply coast on his privilege. It's all about morality and moral courage. And I loved that Peggy threw that into his face, cryptically enough that both of them knew what it was about, while not revealing it to Sousa.
"Is this the husband that Captain America saves during the war, then?"

Who, Fred, the boring clueless fiancee? LMAO Oh hell no. That was clearly a big mistake and simply a consequence of Peggy trying to fit into the gender role the society prescribed to her. Her brother called her out on it - "is he really the love of your life?" and she dropped her fiancee the moment her brother died and she decided to follow through on her dreams and be true to her real self. She's probably been wondering what she was ever thinking when she got engaged to that guy.

I think it's pretty clear that they've been setting up Sousa as her future husband. The roadblocks they're throwing into the path are clearly meant to set up the angst and the later relationship.

I wish I could care more about Peggy/Sousa, but I like the idea of them (Peggy and an intelligent, capable disabled man) better the execution and their actual chemistry. It's not that they don't have chemistry, they do, it's just not the most sizzling and exciting kind. Actually, they have perfect co-workers chemistry, but sexual chemistry... so-so.

And I disliked the love triangle stuff, and the plot device where someone gets into a serious relationship with someone while continuing to pine after someone else. But I loved the resolution. I really hated the idea that Violet would be either revealed to be evil (Black Widow on every corner! Come on), or be killed. Both of these would have been such a cop-out (Die For Our Ship!). But Violet calling him out on his crap and breaking up with him was perfect.
Also, this isn't going to be popular, but I thought that the engagement scene had more romantic chemistry than any Peggy/Sousa moment.

To an extent, I like the idea of Peggy/Wilkes (i.e. Peggy and a charming black scientist) better than the execution, too. His straight-forwardness, confidence and positivity were refreshing opposites to Sousa's insecurity and moping. But their relationship was a bit rushed, he didn't even get to show any layers to him before he got sidelined and became pretty much Peggy's Damsel.

In some ways, it seems like both Peggy's instant crushing on him, and her suddenly being so much more invested in Sousa at the start of the season than she was at the end of season 1, mostly come from the fact that she wants to move on and move love, after being single for so long and grieving throughout the last year.

Too bad I can't get that excited about Peggy's love interests as I am about her platonic relationships. Peggy and Jarvis are adorable together (and utterly free of sexual tension, which is so refreshing when it comes to m/f relationships in fiction!), and Peggy and Howard are, to me, the most interesting and complex relationship on the show. The three of them just have so much chemistry. Too bad Dominic Cooper was busy making Preacher, but I loved all his scenes in episode 2.3.

@NYPinTA: "Is it weird that I actually do ship the psycho mob boss and Miss Frost?"
No, I do, too! They make a good match - since they're both totally crazy. In a fun, although scary way. I love the contrast between Calvin being totally terrified of Whitney's powers, and the mob guy being totally cool with them and apparently finding it all awesome.

@Dusk: I think Dottie is more a Faith figure than Whitney.

@whoever said Peggy was a redhead - I don't know where that comes from, she clearly has dark brown hair. Maybe she just fits the mental image of the "Fiery Redhead" trope?
Oh and one more thing - I loved Whitney's reaction to the things she saw in Howard's lab. Of course she would be simultaneously in awe of his talent, and perplexed why someone with such a scientific talent who has the opportunity to use it freely and successfully would prefer to waste his time on things like making movies, which she sees as superficial and pointless and which was always just something she had to do so she could secretly do science.

But on the other hand, something that doesn't occur to Whitney is that making movies (even bad ones) may be preferable to making good weapons, because bad movies, after all, don't kill people. Whitney wouldn't think of that, since she has only struggled with powerlessness and is currently overjoyed to be powerful as she has never been before; we know from the season 1 finale that what Howard - who rarely has to worry about power - is mostly struggling with is guilt, and Whitney doesn't even seem to have a concept of guilt.
Good analysis of the season, TimeTravelingBunny. I wish you could join us while we're watching it live on Tuesday nights, but it undoubtedly airs at another time and place where you live.

I was the one who thought of her as a redhead. Some of it may be the translation of color on my TV, as televisions can translate color differently. She comes off as having auburn hair, which is a reddish brown, so I tend to notice the red highlights more than the brown. Not a big deal, no matter what she is. I know that in person she has brown hair.
Some preview info and pics about tonight's episodes:
Well, I'm here. How is everyone doing?
Doing well. Saw a clip of one of the musical numbers. It was very good. especially Enver.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-02-24 02:59 ]
Wheee! Ready. Set. Go.
@JDL Well, Enver as Kiki on Dollhouse continues to be in my Top Three Moments of Joy so I'm looking forward to this....
Well, I wasn't looking forward to broken Jarvis... :(
She's wearing old-fashioned screw-on earrings.
Agent Carter: The Musical.
Anyone else thinking of the Six Fingered Man questioning Wesley after using the "machine" on him in Princess Bride right now? I kind of am.
She makes him solid...
LOL! This scene alone is worth watching this show!
Hey all! Yes, TimeTravelingBunny, your summary was great.

How evil of Jack Thompson to get a file on Peggy Carter. Grrr...
What is Jack up to?
Thompson what are you trying to pull...
Bad back story to discredit Peggy? Or use it for blackmail? Do we know this massacre?
She sounds like a religious zealot.
Oh Jarvis! I just want to hug you!
Mrs. Jarvis is the *best*.
Why am I getting the impression that it's being alluded that the Jarvis (the couple) play major role on raising Tony?
The two of them are so sweet.
Yeah. This sets the stage for the two of them to raise Tony.
Oh Jarvis!

The massacre just said "M Carter.Maybe Michael her brother and not her?
Have to run -- teenager needs lap top. I'll try and post from iphone.
Butter-fingered henchmen!
So sorry, hann23.

The dossier was probably about Michael Carter. Or, it's simply forged.
Is Jack going to die?
Thompson's finally coming around? That would be a relief.
I was thinking Thompson was being set up to die, NYPinTA. That would kind of suck. Even though he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, he's not Hydra.
March 8 is coming up fast. Damn!
LOL! Thompson has a moment there! :)
The thing about Jack is that he's fun whenever he's finally on Peggy's side. He should just do that. Be on Peggy's side.
I wonder what's in that black hole.
Rejected by the Qour'toh portal, ouch.
"Do as Peggy says!"
We need to see Peggy rise to be the head of the SSR.
That hour went fast.
And we head into the penultimate episode of the season.
I don't want this season to end!
HE SINGS TOO!? *dies*
This is awesome! Enver!
We can only hope Thompson did that to save them.
Wow, they couldn't have put a stake through the idea of Cartinelli any harder, could they?
Carter with Feeling!

Nice try Jarvis, can't blame you there.
Guy in the hat is a red shirt.
Ugh. They're both right and wrong at the same time.
Isn't that true of most arguments between friends?
I do not like the science guy.
Nobody in SSR likes him. NYPinTA!
Oh, shit! She has to die for using a needle that size on ANYONE!
Wilkes=Zero Matter Lash?
Wilkes = pre-Banner Hulk.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-02-24 04:33 ]
No. Let her hit him again!
Aaaaaaaand I'm back to hating Jack.
Dunno if this is a double cross or a double-double cross.
Its a twist tournament.
So the question is whether Jack is angling to get on the council, because he's power hungry, or is it because he's going to try to take it down from the inside?
AndrewCrossett said it better!
I want to believe that Jack is doing it to take them down from the inside, but I'm not sure even he knows...
Roller coaster of emotions with Jack.
This episode is so twisty, it's impossible to say which way this is all going to go.
Well shit, that was a good ciffhanger.
Very good storytelling there.
So what do we think the dirt on M Carter is?

Also the promo suggests a cliffhanger ending. Really hope not. It's bad enough Dottie got away. Don't need another with the ratings the way they are and Most Wanted getting traction.
Well if the dream sequence is to be believed we now know that Michael did indeed die pretty early in the war.
I suspect the reason Peggy seems clueless about that "incriminating" file is because "M. Carter" refers not to "Margaret Carter", as Jack Thompson thinks, but to her brother Michael Carter.

The document said "M. Carter, S.O.E." We know that before the SSR, Peggy worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park. But the S.O.E. was an in-field special operations force that did sabotage, espionage and worked with local resistance fighters during the war.

So I think her brother was a spy, and probably got killed doing that.
Such a terrific show - I will miss it. Still like to think someone else could pick it up - it would fit into the Netflix model quite nicely I'd think and perhaps that shooting schedule would allow for Hayley to also move on to her new network property

Either way we got two great seasons. Finale should be great, if bittersweet, as this may be the last of Agent Carter adventures for a good while
Let's send red hats to ABC. Or flamingos.
It could work on Netflix. It was revealed that another female-centric Marvel show, Jessica Jones, averaged 4.8 million viewers over a 35-day viewing window (that includes each viewing of each episode). Agent Carter has been getting 2.5 million viewers on a single night for a single episode. Putting it on a pay service would cut its viewership, but it would still do very well.
@AndrewCrossett, IIRC, her brother got her into the SOE, so it could be about her. But she dismissed it as a forgery, which it probably was. Vernon just needed the appearance of it being "dug up" by someone. (Or it was something that her brother was involved in, but I don't think so. If he was, it was unwitting, IMO, and it might have caused his death but wasn't something he had a hand in creating. But that's just based on Peggy's good opinion of him.)

Is the show definitely not picked up? I know Hayley Atwell was cast in another show, but that doesn't mean she can't do both. Agent Carter isn't 22 episodes a season, and, uh, stuff.
This show has been a joy, especially this year and over the past couple weeks as the plot has really come to a head. So spoiled, getting two episodes per week this week and last. Can't wait for the finale next week. Fun that Zero Matter was apparently inserted into the plot to set up an element of Dr. Strange (I'm not a fan of the magic & mysticism side of the Marvel Universe, I would've rather the MCU had stayed sci-fi, but okay, I'm going with it, and at least on Agent Carter, Zero Matter is played as a sci-finelement and not a mystical one, outside of those whispers).

I was worried that Jarvis was getting a doomed hero's edit these past few eps, but glad to be proven wrong. Then again, Anna did just encourage him to leave her and go help Peggy (Anna's wrong, Peggy has Sousa, Rose, sometimes-Howard, and occasionally Jack Thomson to help her -- Jarvis ain't her only dependable sidekick).

Some of the most heartwrenching acting of the series (arguably of the whole MCU, IMO) in these episodes. Hayley Atwell and the dude who's playing Jarvis just kcocking it out of the park.

The twists with Jack were crazy !

I really wanted Kurtwood Smith's Vernon Masters to buy it in this ep, but even when I felt certain he was done for, the ep ended in such a way that Whitney might be interrupted in her absorbing.

I was more on board with Thomson's solution than I was Peggy's (where in the hell does she get off in calling Whitney Frost innocent?!?). Due process and bringing people to justice is out the window at this point -- you have to kill that thing before it takes over and anyway, once someone's detonating atomic bombs just for kicks, they've lost their right to due process, IMO. Frost could've killed a lot of people (and has already killed many, not that Peggy knows about many, if any, of Frost's victims yet).
@AndrewCrossett It can't be Michael since he died early in the War, before Pearl Harbor. The report in question was from Jume 1944
by which point Peggy had been transferred to the SSR. Also June 44 was when the Allies invaded France so I'm sure Peggy can recall
where she was and what she was doing as can a myriad others.
Great dream sequence — brought to mind the Joss-directed episode of Glee. And I love Dr. Samberly, he's an excellent weasel.
I love it when I love so many characters on a show. Doesn't happen enough.

If we don't get a season 3, which I really hope we do, please somebody cast Enver right away. He's just awesome.
I have to say that the confrontation between Carter and Jarvis in the desert was the best scene ever on the show. That was raw. And heart breaking.
I have to say that the confrontation between Carter and Jarvis in the desert was the best scene ever on the show.

It was. Started out as annoyance at what seemed to be a childish tantrum by Jarvis... then satisfaction as Peggy told him off... then Jarvis breaking down and revealing what it was really all about. Quite a roller coaster of emotion for one single scene consisting only of dialogue.

BTW, I know Hayley did her own singing in the musical number. Does anyone know if Enver did too?
A good summary of the show from Alan Sepinwall at
Some slight good news... this week's episode(s) got adjusted up to a 0.8 in the final overnight ratings, so it's up a tick from last week. For a show that consists of one continuous story arc with no jumping-on points after the season premiere, it's a pretty good sign if it can increase its number from week to week.
I wonder about the voice(s) Wilkes hears coming from the zero matter rift. Who/what exactly is he hearing? Why did he rise into the black hole, but not Whitney? Is zero matter sexist?
I see where all of this is going, if not in Agent Carter, then in the greater scheme of Marvel stories from AOS, Dr. Strange, through the Infinity War movies. The zero matter is something that seems will run through all of them.
I absolutely love this show. James D'Arcy had me in tears more than once, and I don't cry easily.

Right after Wilkes fell out of the black hole, did anyone besides me see the wormy things moving under his skin like with Ward/Maveth? Or do I just need better glasses?
Frost theorized that Zero Matter (apparently called "DarkForce" in other Marvel media and will maybe be called that in Dr. Strange -- sounds a bit too Star Wars, but okay) effects everyone differently. She has a noticeable crack in the side of her face, can heal from gunshot wounds, and can absorb other living things. Jason was rendered incorporeal and can absorb Zero Matter from Whitney. Whether it was their differing proximities to the substance when it exploded in the opening episodes, their individual physiologies or mental states, or a combo of all that that resulted in them changing in wildly different ways...Frost's theory may be as much of an explanation as we're gonna get, given that there's only one ep left.

Them hearing whispers is spooky. Anything that goes into a black hole and comes back changed reminds me of Event Horizon...***shudder***

Amrita, you're right, there was stuff squirming below Jason's skin. I think we were shown that that was the Zero Matter, barely contained. Because by episode's end, the cracks had formed all over his skin and he completely burst in the last shot.

[ edited by Kris on 2016-02-26 05:46 ]
BTW, I know Hayley did her own singing in the musical number. Does anyone know if Enver did too?

Yep. One of the people from the show (writer?) said so on Twitter. They are some talented folk.
Anyone who needs to get caught up or just rewatch; Episodes 8 & 9 are up on non-sub Hulu a week early.
The stuff with Jarvis and his wife was great, and the stuff with Jack and his multiple deceptions was really interesting. But it was disappointing that Wilkes continued to be more plot device than a fleshed out character.

About the dream sequence - what do you think Dream!Wilkes' line was supposed to mean: "You may be right. I was only doing what you wanted"?
Kind of disappointing that this is all coming down to YALTS. (Yet Another Love Triangle Story). Can't a story be about something other than love once in a while?
Think we will see interruption due to Super Tuesday results? Ugh.

If Peggy is bumped or chopped, I'll be watching the de-orbiting of Scott Kelly and his fellow cosmosnaut friends.
There will be a hour of election stuff after the show ends at 10 pm est, so no.
I know it sounds shallow to hope there aren't interruptions for Super Tuesday, because I am far from apolitical, but I really don't want Agent Carter to be delayed for it. Hopefully ABC will leave it so the season (NOT series) finale is undisturbed, and keep the commentary for the 10 p.m. coverage. It was a little annoying to see other people's reactions to AC a couple of weeks ago when everything got delayed for the NH primary.
As for AC becoming a love triangle story, I hope not, either, but at the same time, I recognize that a lot of viewers love that sort of thing and it keeps them coming back. I know the ratings are low, and this may well be the last ever episode, but if it gives viewers a reason to come back, or demand more, I'm ok with it as long as it isn't the reason for the show's existence ( a la Castle, Forever, and all the other ABC dramas since Moonlighting).
As a fan I feel bad if the election breaks up the episode for you guys. As a Canadian who knows CTV will air the episode normally, I'm a little smug.
After this election, Dusk, I may well become a Canadian.
Might not be so eager if you knew what our telecoms are like...

Though Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Trevor Noah all have backup countries and Cape Brenton is open up here.
Maybe England? I was thinking of the mother country.
My mother country is either the Philippines or Turkey. Or Brooklyn.

Will figure it out after Agent Carter!
Damn. Was hoping she'd shoot him. If Red is not dead, I'm going to flip thing.
I love Whitney's dress. Oops Jarvis.

And Howard! LOL!
And Global Warming is slowly making Canada habitable to boot !
That yay was for Jarvis and Stark, not science guy.
Hopefully this is only a Season Finale.

The problem of putting Peggy in peril situations in the show is we know, she'll get out of it, it's just a matter of how.
Jarvis would make a fun Uber driver!
Hahaha @Dusk.

Jarvis had so much fun hitting Whitney. He runs a little violent, that Jarvis.
Pretty sure Red is finished. He wasn't listed as a guest star in promo stuff.
I really need a warmer climate, though. My joints all cease up in winter, and I get a perpetual migraine. It looks like Victoria has weather like ours, but it's kind of boring.
Ouch Howard.
Way to put things in perspective, Howard.
This is feeling too calm so far... that worries me.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2016-03-02 03:13 ]
Great. Psychotic meets oblivious narcissism. ETA: That took a turn...
Howard things like this make it easy for baddies to target you...
Except baddies benefit more by staying on Howard's side, at least till Tony becomes an orphan.
Well, Tony had iffy friends and had business with a lot of iffy people, until the events from Iron Man.

What was that quote from Age of Ultron, about friends and money....

Like Father, Like son.....
Awww! He's going to sacrifice the thug.
Where were the flashes? Or were those special dark cameras?
Sousa the little vandal.
Those are probably Stark's invention.
I gotta say I have totally enjoyed Ken Marino (Manfredi) in this series.
Next time I want to sabotage a mad scientist, I'll use a pencil.
Where were the flashes? Or were those special dark cameras?
Manfredi is like the Spike of this season.
Where were the flashes? Or were those special dark cameras?

More like special Stark cameras.
@hann23 Those are spy cameras. Or something....
Oh no. Is the dark matter going to get into the pink flamingo?
Howard and Rose? Ship it.
YES! He deserved that.
Good for you Peggy!!!
Clap, Clap, let Jack collect the dinner order.
The pin is a key to something. Will we ever know to what?
Off Topic: The Kings Prophet thingie new show, looks weird.
ABC really doesn't know what to program after their Marvel show.
Back to liking Jack. (Because he's on Peggy's side. That seems to be key...)
Samberly's the ultimate red shirt.
That is seriously distressing. Please remind me these people aren't real!
These people are not..................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Maybe help by grabbing the hose, not her!
Sousa's the guy who jumps on the grenade...
Ow. That f**king hurt, actually.
I kind of feel sad for Whitney.
Uh. What?

ETA: Ah. Oh.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-03-02 03:55 ]
Oh, I'm loving Sousa right now.
Oh. Guess I'm not the only one.
That is true about the pizza.

So, cliffhanger.... Shit!

He had a change of heart, of course he is dead. Duh. How did I miss that one?

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-03-02 04:00 ]
Hmm. I'm actually not happy about that.
My NO was more of shock.
We all were all shipping the two of them since Day 1.
As a shipper....

OK... Now I have to plot my change of citizenship...
As fan,

I'm not happy or sad he's dead. Now I really want to know what's in the file and hat the pin is!

But with the ratings, ugh!
But I don't want to have to buy comics to find out who killed Thompson, and what the key is for.
I was shipping Peggy and Angie, actually. Well, at least Angie was the first reason Peggy mentioned for wanting to go back to New York. I guess that's a nice consolation prize.

Poor Jack, had to die to set up a season that may very well not happen.
We can do shadow puppets of what we imagine the next season to be about.
Jack's not in the comics. If the season doesn't happen we'll have to hope a showrunner spills the beans.
Yep. Preferably in Canada.
Man,I really hope we get a season 3 especially with that ending.
Last season had Dottie still out there but was mostly closed. This season she's still out there but we've got mire questions!

I suppose the simple answer would be the Brits took the file back and killed him because he stole it. Think that if its axed.

Speaking of Canada,

Maybe Michael Carter is not dead, was turned into some scary supersoldier like Bucky Barnes, and was the one who massacred whatever people in that redacted file. He's been tracking the file to cover up what he had done (and protect Peggy), and is the one who killed Jack.

OR, he's not a supersoldier, but he's trying to figure out who is behind the massacre, who is also trying to frame Peggy. He may be on to Hydra's attempts to infiltrate S.O.E. and the S.S.R.
I'm actually watching these, Dusk!
It could also be Dottie using it as leverage on Peggy for some reason.

Peggy didn't seem concerned with the vague threats, so either it really is *that* bad and she's playing dumb or the file is actually about her brother and she doesn't know about it.
Cool Nebula!
Next week it's back to AOS. I have a red fedora I can mail to ABC, courtesy of Agent Carter.
Also, I really think the file is about Michael.
I think I brought up the idea of "M. Carter" being Michael a couple of weeks ago. If it is then he must still be alive... otherwise I can't imagine why his file would be worth killing for.

Kind of hard to imagine the SOE would be so inefficient as to only use the initial, especially if they had more than one agent of that initial and surname.
Considering sending a mostly redacted letter to ABC begging for more Agent Carter. ;)
That finale felt very calm and way too...I dunno. It wasn't satisfying. I'm glad they didn't kill Sousa or Jarvis, though. I thought Jarvis was getting a martyr's edit this season. The previous 2-parters were quite season finale-like levels of exciting, suspenseful, and worthy climaxes, so I guess it was okay that this finale was more of a coda/more just sweeping up the leftover mess. But I thought it would be much bigger, given the build-up, and Whitney Frost didn't get to do anything consequential, which was hugely disappointing for me. I guess it's nice that they didn't kill her off ? I was surprised that they got rid of the Zero Matter and that there were no lasting repercussions for any of the villains or Jason Wilkes.

UNLESS Vernon Masters got some of the goo in him when it exploded out of Jason at the end of last week's episode. We weren't shown a body (or any parts or gore), so it's safe to assume that Masters is alive. Continuing villain, if this series makes it to a third season.

I'm ambivalent about Jack's death.

Aside from that ending scene...if you cut that out of the episode and forget that Dottie and Vernon are still at large, the whole thing was wrapped up with a big red bow. Sousa is probably Peggy's future husband, Anna and Edwin probably live happily for however long, Howard is Howard (disappointed that he has dealings with the mob)...Peggy will co-found SHIELD some day...I'll enjoy a third season, but I don't need one, I won't cry if these two great seasons are all we get. There are more than enough Marvel shows to watch as it is.

[ edited by Kris on 2016-03-02 05:06 ]
The thing I found hardest to believe was that a Zero Matter black hole would suddenly open up in the middle of Howard Stark's movie lot, and Whitney just waltzed right in there without ever seemingly considering the likelihood of a trap. Especially since she already knew her enemies had an anti-Zero Matter zapper.
@AndrewCrossett I think Whitney thought she was invulnerable. And she was not aware that Howard had joined in. In her opinion Wilkes and Samberley were not real competition on the science front.
Something that would be fun to explore though, if it gets another season, would be to do a major time jump, to somewhere around founding of SHIELD. The answers for whoever killed Jack, and the mystery about M. Carter, could take that long to resurface.
Maybe Tony would even be born by then, it be interesting to watch kid Tony interacting with Peggy, and also the Jarvis' role on raising him.
Onto that just realized that all those Flashbacks featuring Peggy, shown during S2 of AOS happened after the events from both this season, right? Cause by then SHIELD was already active.

The comment below goes into MCU spoiler territory, so here we go invisio-text. Ramblings about Civil War and ties to how this season ended. But if you'd rather not discuss Civil War at all, better avoid the comments below.

@Kris- Good call on Vernon/Red Foreman being the shooter. It would tie revenge on Jack, the file and the pin all together.

Honestly think out best hope is a final season mercy renewal, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
There wouldn't have to be a time jump to get to the founding of SHIELD... it should be happening right around this time, in fact.
Numfar: The flasback of Peggy and the Howling Commandoes capturing Whitehall at the premier of S2 AOS is set in Austria 1945. Peggy announces that the Hydra base is under the control of the SSR. (Courtesy of Youtube).

I think the file belongs to Michael Carter.

If you take into account that Captain America:The First Avenger starts in about 1942 and continues to 1945 and that Agent Peggy Carter is Col. Phillip's second in command through that time period, Peggy would not have been in an SOE operation in June of 1944.

The question becomes was Jack killed solely for the file? Is his London buddy who gave him the file in danger as well?
I think by leaving the shooter's face off camera, the writers haven't decided who shot Jack yet either. ;)

I for one want a third season. I am not satisfied with just two seasons. I am curious about her setting up SHIELD and maybe even seeing the return of Col. Philips, even if he's only in a few in the background while Carter runs the show. I'd love to see Angie again, maybe using her acting to help train SHIELD agents to go undercover. Do the Howlies have a role in early SHIELD? What about Maria Stark? I won't mind seeing her, how her and Howard meet, etc.

I am also curious about that folder and if Peggy's brother did die and if not what happened to him?
Did anyone else notice that Howard Stark has an awful golf swing?

I enjoyed the episode, glad that Jack got a redemption before his death (which could feed into the other thread here about superhero shows' propensity to kill off characters). If this is the series finale (I hope not) then it's a minor cliffhanger at best. Manfredi seems to be the character with the most tragic arc. And I wonder if his thug made it out of there alive.

This series has seemed the best of the various Marvel TV efforts at getting the right blend of over-the-top perilous situations but portraying them with bright, splashy, colorful, and downright farcical storytelling methods. I loved the physical humor of Jarvis bringing the mustard with his arms stretched impossibly high, and that sort of humor was used especially well throughout the second season. Kudos to the writers and showrunners.

Also thankful for Hulu+, allowing me to watch the next day without possibility of any of the election results interrupting.
Fortunately, election results did not interfere here.

So what do we send to ABC executives to persuade them to give this show one more season? Red fedoras? Flamingos? Zero matter?
@Dusk - Interesting tidbit related to our side discussion here:

‘How Can I Move to Canada’ Was a Top Google Search Following Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Wins (VIDEO)

Not trying to hijack this thread as it comes to an end. It's really just related to our conversation last night. Mine is not an unusual case. Still thinking around Victoria (warmer), but the Montreal area is closer.

Oh, and Agent Carter was awesome last night! ❤️
I think if this show is going to get another season, the executives in question will have already decided that, and the decision will not have been determined by ratings.

The finale got a 0.7 overnight and a series-low 2.37 million viewers. And the fact that it pulled 0.7 and 0.8 ratings throughout February sweeps was probably pretty painful for ABC.
OK. Yeah, but they also didn't do much to get new viewers who didn't see season one into the fold. No Netflix, only the last 5 episodes (not the whole season) and they waited a long time to put out the blu-rays/DVD's.

What I want to know is where at ABC can people send 2.37 million red fedoras? 😀 Their corporate HQ's in NYC? Or is there a better place?
Oh no! Thanks Nebula, I'll tell them to start building the wall! Lol!
I'm hoping against hope for a Season 3. I've got quibbles with the plot (love triangle), but the characters are wonderful & I love the way the show looks.
I was thinking last night that the assasination of Jack Thompson in LA could make the Agent Carter One Shoot canon. Peggy and Sousa spend a few months fruitlessly searching for Thompson's killer. Chief Flynn takes over as the SSR Chief in New York and replaces much of the New York staff with his own agents. Peggy who is still technically a member of the New York office gets recalled back to New York. The mystery of Thompson's death, interference from corrupt superiors in the War Office, and Chief Flynn's misogynistic attitude all conspire to smear Peggy's reputation and she ends up being coffee girl again in the New York office while awaiting a transfer back to LA.

I really hope there is a third season of Agent Carter.
When they announced Agent Carter as a mid season series I had little to no interest in it. I enjoyed the first Captain America movie, but didn't really see how her character merited her own TV series - at least based on what we'd been shown. Two seasons later I'd have to say Agent Carter has been my favorite Marvel series to date - surpassing even the excellent Netflix shows.

I had a few quibbles with Season 2 - it played a little more broadly, especially the mobster and sidekick scientist roles, and I've just given up on Marvel ABC being able to convincingly generate a terrifying villain ... but the era, the ensemble, the banter, the ties to the MCU, and most importantly the revelation of Hayley Atwell made this must watch TV. Not holding my breath on a 3rd season, but dammit I want a "Peggy & Jarvis Do Christmas in Connecticut" Holiday Special at the very least to tie up loose ends
@NumfarPTB: No way is the show going to flash from 1947 to 1970, when Tony was born. Maybe if it got 10 seasons, or something.

This was a really underwhelming finale. It felt like a midseason episode, not the season finale. Complete opposite of season 1 finale, which was awesome. Everything went smoothly, there was no drama, the resolution to Whitney's arc was anticlimactic, and everything was pretty predictable, including Peggy/Sousa, which I thought was obviously a done deal since at least start of the season. They missed so many storytelling opportunities with Wilkes in particular this season. The only thing I'm glad about is that he and Whitney are both still alive.

The only surprising and interesting thing happened at the end. And just when I was stsrting to like Jack... but at least he got a good arc. Better than Peggy for sure, who didn't get much of an arc this season. But now I really want season 3, because this mystery promises to be interesting, especially if Michael is alive.

P.S. "Schwiz" is a Yiddish word, right? So does that mean that theory just got confirmed? At least that's something sort of exciting.
Here is my final 2 cents. While the last episode was very enjoyable the rift
scene was too straight forward and simple. I wanted more pizzazz and twists.

I think this season did a decent job of showing that the SSR was fatally flawed
and needed to be replaced. If they did another season I would expect that decline
to accelerate into a death spiral that culminates in SHIELD at the end. YMMV.
I hope that ABC does not put Agent Carter on their own separate streaming service and charge a separate subscription fee... I cut the cable cord several years ago in favor of Hulu+ and Netflix and have no intention of going back, but I still want some business to play the role of content aggregator. Maintaining queues with those two providers is enough; I'm not going to pay $5/month to CBS or any other network for streaming access to their back catalog and have yet more subscriptions to manage. Since ABC has part-ownership of Hulu (unlike CBS), I think (hope) they will be less likely to try to set up a competing service.
I agree, tomg.

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