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April 07 2004

Bring James Marsters home by downloading this lifesize poster of him.

When the WB did this, I wondered at the time if they would do one for the rest of the cast. Now if we can just them to do one for Alexis Denisof as well.

How was that drooling sound spelled again?
To echo RootBoy42 in the comments of the DB post: Spike, Angel, OK fine, but where are my Cordy and Fred posters?!
No Clem?
I agree with kaivaal, I want a Cordy poster. mmmmmmm cordy..... (They could use a shot of her from "You're Welcome" when she lost the ability to do up her top buttons!)

Probably more likely that they'd do a Fred one though (that'd be nice too)

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OHHHHHHHHH.....I can't speak. I understand there is also a life size cardboard stand up Spike. Man...what are the chances I can beg my husband for one of those for my birthday?
Yep, theres a life-size Buffy, Angel and a Spike.

And now there'll probably be 50 comments which'll probably be bitching about how its not fair that out of all the characters besides Buffy and Angel, Spike gets a life-size-standee.
Just curious...does the WB have the real poster for sale? Can you get this poster anywhere else? It's a hell of a lot easier to buy the real thing than to paste it together....not that I mind, but I'd love to have the real poster.
Not bitching about a poster of Spike. Love Spike. Love 'em all. But what I really want is a giant poster of Lorne. That'd take people aback, eh?
I bought a life-sized Spike poster at the San Diego Comicon for $12 or $15. If anyone's going this year, you might check it out there and see what they got.

He's got yummy season 6 hair in it. My husband only allows it because he's determined one day to have a life-sized Faith poster too....
phlebotinin--Especially attached to a front door at Christmastime like people do with images of Santa Claus. Lorne's got the red and green color scheme. It could work! there any way to get the poster without going to the convention...I live in Maryland. Can you get it online?
kathylovesspike dunno about that particular poster to buy but I did see this poster at as well as the stand up.
kathylovesspike, click here to find it. You have to scroll down a bit. It's the 'Spike door poster'.

And yes I am still waiting for that lifesize Faith leather.....*drroooolll*
Oh Simon beat me to it. Which would be fine if he knew where to get that Faith poster. But you don't, do ya? What a world, what a world...
Thanks to make myself an early birthday present purchase.....maybe I better get a spare in case the hubbie throws a fit.
bloodflowers -- Lorne as Christmastime door adornment would definitely work. I'm ashamed I didn't even think of that! It'd work even better with a CD of Lorne singing Christmas songs playing in the background. I would dearly love such a musical collection.
phlebotinin-- Lorne singing Christmas songs! How absolutely fabulous! That should be on the "to be merchandised" list right after puppetAngel.
I'll take the full-sized Trenchcoat Spike stand-up.

*puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr* Easier to grab. ;-)

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