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January 20 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #23. It's the third part of the "In Pieces on the Ground" arc.

I thought this was the best issue in a long time. It had the right mix of action scenes and the more introspective stuff, and some significant plot and character development. I do like the new Magic Council, too, with all its horror movie references (The Grudge, Hellraiser, etc.) Looks like some of the escaped horrors from Cabin in the Woods got organized.
Can't wait to pick it up!! I'm running out before the snowmegadden.
Agreed this was a really strong issue. As well as interesting points for several individuals considering their choices/paths there were also meaningful moments that could feed into multiple plot directions going forward. Do have to complain though at the contradiction to Spike's well established character quirk/liking of food being reduced to a nonsensical point about dental health.
He just hasn't been the same since they took the blooming onion off the menu.
I have Buffy # 23,Part III of"In Pieces On The Ground."I was lucky to get my copy today.I can't wait until the weekend since I'm about to have 18 to 24 inches of snow dropped on my area starting tomorrow night.So I really wanted to get my comics today and did.

I thought this was a very strong issue.I actually like how Andrew was handled in this issue and that in the end he did the right thing.

As for Jonathan,he didn't feel like Jonathan but then again,he is a A.I. program so there is that fact.

Hate seeing the rift between Buffy and Willow but I am interested in where this goes.

As other haves said,I don't trust . D'Hoffryn and think he's going to become a big threat by the end of the season.

Said to see Giles decide to leave to go to that other domain but it's understandable.I'm sure he'll be ack in the final season arc.

On the Buffy/Spike front.Putting my preferences aside,I think this could go either way at this point.

Liked seeing Dawn with her study group and their reaction to Buffy and her group poofing in.

So I really like the issue..

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