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January 23 2016

We know which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" villain you are. This BuzzFeed quiz makes a bold claim.

H-E-double hockey sticks!
"To kill this girl, you have to love her."
I've got two words that are going to make all the pain go away.

Minature. Golf.
Welp, looks like I gotta get to collecting them hearts.
I got Dark Willow.
If I could've hung out in Xander's Basement, I could've gotten Dank Willow.
Ted? I'll take that.
Glory!!! My nail file is your doom!
Did anybody order an apocalypse?
Yes. It came as snow.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-01-24 19:46 ]
I got Caleb and I feel offended. :/

Probably sealed my fate with the weapon choice, though. Don't see how any of the other choices factor into it.
Me too, got Caleb, wonder what were the answer pairings that lead to that outcome.
I'm feeling a strong connection to Ben right now.
jcs, are you saying there is a connection between Ben and ...and of the villains?
Mayor Wilkins? Hmmm... I guess that probably was the most fitting answer.
Glory. .... I bet it was the nail file...
Gee willikers wasn't expecting Wilkins.
I got Mayor Wilkins, which is okay by me ... he's one of my very favorites.

Although the description says I can't stand swearing, which is hilariously off-base. :-P
Robin, I'm right there with you!

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