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January 25 2016

The thirteen best episodes of Angel. This is according to Tell-Tale TV, you on the other hand may disagree.

"Spin the Bottle," "I Will Remember You," and "The Trial" would all be on my list, right at the top. "You're Welcome" would probably be on there somewhere too.
Any list that has "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" is...
possibly a list of the worst Angel episodes.
I half expected to see "I Fall to Pieces" on there after that, but most of the other choices really were good ones.
Just really how can you leave out "Spin the Bottle"?
Or "A Hole In The World" (though lately I hear people say they didn't like it because it was too rough)
My problem with lists is I keep going "but what about this one and this one and this one!"

I really enjoyed the whole The Beast arc in S4 (Apocalypse Nowish, Habeas Corpses) and the Angelus arc, too. I Will Remember You, Hero, Reprise (which has my favorite quote of the show), Waiting in the Wings, A Whole in the World, and Time Bomb are other favorites of mine.

edit: in addition to the ones mentioned above! :)

PS: going through these lists also keeps reminding me that some lines from Buffy and Angel give me instant chills. "Would you like me to lie to you now" is something I could hear anywhere, any day and I'd have to sit down for a moment, for example.

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*Sees Smile Time and Sanctuary on list*

Okay, it gets my seal of approval
Although Five by Five was better than Sanctuary for raw, emotional impact. I didn't see that one on the list. Frowny face
I always have trouble doing best episodes of Angel lists because the episodes kind of blend together for me in the arcs.
My list would likely be all episodes involving Darla, Faith and Illyria in some fashion...and Smile Time. My favorite parts of the series were the season 2 Darla storyline, ALL of Faith's episodes, and much of season 5. So basically season 2, season 5 and parts of season 1 and 4 (Faith's episodes)
Waiting in the Wings and A Hole in the World would be on my list.
The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco is one of my favorites. *shrugs*
I really loved Numero Cinco, and feel that it's one of the more underrated episodes.

Plus, El Diablo Robotico.
Although there's not any episodes of AtS I won't watch or actually dislike, there are some really strange choices and omissions on/from that list. No Spin the Bottle or Waiting in the Wings?
You see so many 'Best of Buffy' lists, but not so many of the Angel ones. I suppose that makes me think, I know my favourite episodes of Buffy, but I've never really given too much thought to my favourite episodes of Angel.

Off the top of my head I'd say 'Five by Five', 'Reunion' 'Darla', 'Lullaby', 'Waiting in the Wings', 'The Price', 'Apocalypse Nowish', 'Players', 'Home'...and possibly the whole of Series 5.

I've really forgotten what a brilliant show this was. I wish I had time to watch them all again.
It's a solid list. Although some of my favorites were omitted: 'Waiting in the Wings', 'You're Welcome', 'A Hole in the World'.
I think these lists are always going to be kind of problematic - they're really a matter of taste, right? So I read them for the fun of seeing what others like best, and to be reminded of my own favorites/least favorites.

Also I agree about many arc stories kind of blending into each other. I didn't like the whole Connor thing, but I loved Pylea, speaking of arcs.
Lullaby - that moment in the gif there... gets me so bad every time.
Actually, this feels like a very "Angel Fan's" list. One of the stranger things about Best of Angel lists, is frequently I think they get picked by primarily Buffy fans, so a lot of what I tend to see are the "stunt" episodes, which I enjoy but the character work isn't exactly central to something like "Smile Time." Which is still in this list, does have the Fred and Wes bit and I like it so it gets an exception for me.

I love Forgiving unflinchingly. It's just heartbreaking and tragedy without the stunt of relying on manipulating your emotions with direct character death. Instead, all the characters live on forever changed by it. It's the best intentions taken to a horrible place.

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Angel has been overlooked time and time again, yet except for Season 4, which was generally weak and bleak with a handful of exceptions, the is show was at least as good as, or even better than Buffy. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

I would especially watch Season 5 over and over again forever. Nearly every episode of that season was pure gold.

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