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January 26 2016

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Honest Trailer. Everyone please remember this is a comedic take.

At first I was worried that it was going to bash the show the entire time, but it turned out to be quite amusing.

...from Joss Whedon

's younger brother.
Very funny. The staring and silently emoting part had me rolling.
This was actually really cool.

S.T.A.R.E.S. was hilarious and I liked the Tahiti bit. This was clearly written by someone who secretly loves the show. ;)
Yeah. They said they stopped watching after the first few episodes, but then very deftly dealt with every plot line and details that only someone who regularly watches the show would know.
That was better than I expected. Their best trailers seem to be for the stuff they like the most.

Also, bonus points for anyone who makes fun of ridiculous holograms.
Needed more Lance and Bobbi :P
I almost chocked on my drink when he said Buffy though. :)

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and LANYARDS ! ! !
I laughed a lot. I love affectionate send-ups like this.
@Nebula1400 I assumed that was just the narrator guy chiming in while the scripts are probably handled by various people for these.
Honest Trailers is only really good when they tackle actually bad movies. This one they only did to promote that silly web series of theirs "Interns of FIELD".

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Hilarious. These almost always make me laugh, no matter how I felt about the movie. I didn't know they did TV shows-- not going to check if there are more cos I need to get some work done today!
The best ones they ever did were for the Twilight movies. I highly recommend.
The one for Ultron was pretty funny. "Uh, guys, I think he broke Joss Whedon. He needs a hug."
Oh yay! I love this series. 'Starring Tahiti, protection, and protocol.'

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