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January 28 2016

The 10 best superhero performances in movies. Three Avengers make the list.

Christian Bale was great as Batman, but typical.

Michael Keaton was able to bring the darkness, strength and the weird. He wins in my book.

No one has played Superman better then Reeves.

This is a weird list.
Michael Keaton was the best.
And if the V for Vendetta guy gets to be on here then Loki should too. :)
This article has an apparent publication date of 26 Jan 2016, but it was written sometime in the summer of 2014 (after Xmen: Days of Future Past in May and before Guardians of the Galaxy in August of that year). Some of the embedded videos have apparently been updated, as I assume that there wasn't a Civil War trailer in the summer of 2014. I don't see any indication at the link acknowledging that they are recycling content.
Needs more Elizabeth Olson.
Click bait that falls short. Tom Welling? Really?
At least it was pretty honest about being the writer's personal opinions. I'd argue with nominating anything from "Superman Returns" to a "best" list, but it was just presented as opinion.

My opinion is that Chris Evans should have been on the list a second time for Johnny Storm. He was not only the best thing in the movie, he made me like a character I'd never cared about in the comics.
Brandon Routh? Over Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill? How am I supposed to take this writer seriously?

Ugh, Keaton put in a good effort but he was never Batman to me. Bale was an excellent Bruce Wayne but his Batman just growled a lot and was the slowest fighter ever (and was a mediocre detective at best). The best Batman by far is Kevin Conroy.

@tomg oh, I thought it was weird he only talked about movies that came out 2 years ago in his intro.

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