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January 29 2016

MTV's Finding Carter cancelled. The show starring Alexis Denisof won't come back for season 3.

Guess we'll be seeing Alexis back on "Grimm" then...
That's too bad. I liked it, and I'm not a teen show fan.
I actually heard while the first season was excellent, the second season wasn't that good - they apparently replaced the writers and producers.
Season 2 was weird, Alexis was barely there.
I wouldn't call season one "excellent" by a longshot, but it was decent enough. Have yet to watch season two, but I'm not overly sad it's cancelled. Regarding family dramas, I would miss 'Switched at Birth' much, much more.
For a moment I interpreted this as "Agent Carter Cancelled," and my heart skipped a few beats.
Nebula1400, had the same scared moment.
Good to know I wasn't the only one.

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