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January 29 2016

Mark Ruffalo talks about The Hulk in Thor 3 and Joss. Among other things, he spoke about how Joss' departure from Marvel has affected him personally (which was kinda sweet).

Mark Ruffalo will work with Joss Whedon again: CONFIRMED...sorry, am I inferring too much here? :)
It was indeed kinda sweet. Always liked that Ruffalo.
Thor 4: Brokeback Asgard

Phil Coulson explains: "Don't worry. Yesterday Jane Foster and Betty Ross were suddenly asked to consult onboard an Olivia Cruise, k.d. lang, Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, lots of softball. They'll be safe."

Thor: "Thank you?"
Mark Ruffalo is an amazing actor. I sort of knew that. But honestly, it was The Normal Heart that literally showed me that's he is on par with any of the great leading men. He really is. All need to watch it.

Can you imagine a standalone Hulk movie with Ruffalo? I can't.

Oh, I hope Joss casts him in something. Please let this happen and soon.
@hann23: I'd really love a Ruffalo/Johansson pay-off movie like how Much Ado was a stealth-nod to Wes/Fred. That bar scene with those two in Age of Ultron is one of my favorite parts in the movie.
I truly love Mark Ruffalo. His on-screen work is excellent, but his off-screen activism is even more impressive. That he has such praise for Joss tugs at the heartstrings a little.
Wasn't it Mark Ruffalo that Joss said he wants to work with again? He was asked in some interview and said Mark without hesitation. Or did I dream that?
hann23 I agree about The Normal Heart. All performances involved were good (Matt Bomer!) but to me Mark's performance stood out the most... just wonderful.

A Normal Heart can be streamed on HBO Now for anyone who is interested in seeing it.

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