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January 31 2016

Buffy starts airing in HD on Syfy Spain and 6ter (France) on February 1st. According to Syfy, the HD version is the same that aired on Pivot.

Same for Syfy Portugal starting February 8th.

I just wish Joss kicked WB's door down and said "Hey! Stop this. I want to make an HD 4:3 Blu-ray release. One that's faithful to the look of the show only much better and in HD".
20th Century Fox.

WB is a dead broadcast network, Ricardo. :)
Yeah this whole HD thing has been so depressing, but a part of me still hopes that Joss will go to Fox and save the day.

I don't believe that Joss has no power at all in this, he might have to fight Fox on the issue, but he has some power.

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@D-e-f-, I was talking about Warner Bros the studio, which was wrong because, as you correctly point out, Buffy was produced by 20th Century Fox! Thanks ;)
But how funny would it be if Joss kicked WB's door down and was like "Sorry guys, wrong place. My mistake!"? XD
And then he doubles back and goes "Actually, that was for Wonder Woman!"
It really pains me to see that god-awful version spread. But the fans didn't complain loud enough, and except for one tweet (about the aspect ratio) a year ago, we didn't hear from Joss about this, so of course Fox didn't bother to redo the transfer properly.

I guess the only way they would remake those HD masters is if they're planning a Blu-Ray release, and I hope they'll bury that awful Pivot version for good.

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