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"Buffy: Vampires are creeps. Giles: Yes, that's why one slays them."
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February 03 2016

Eliza Dushku speaks at Bernie Sanders event. Mentions fighting demons, slaying vampires, and something scary: paying college bills.

I admit I've been secretly hoping that Joss will endorse Bernie at some point. Nice to see Eliza though.

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So have I, Toivo. #feelthebern

Eliza is awesome for doing this! And she's a sociology major! I would kill to have her as a student!

Seeing her speak as herself, she reminds me a lot of my daughter-in-law (named Faith). Beautiful, very smart woman!

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Joss didn't really endorse Obama until he was Democratic candidate in 2008, so I doubt he'll formally endorse Clinton or Sanders until after the primaries are over.
Isn't it great when you see someone that you really like and you learn something new about them and find out a whole new reason to love them. Yay, Eliza! Bernie Sanders 2016!
Have to second what RobynH said. So happy to see Eliza introducing Bernie.
Yes, I also started following Mark Ruffalo on twitter recently, he's campaigning for Bernie and generally raising important issues like the Flint water disaster.
I'm disappointed but not surprised.
Who would you like to see Whedon/Mutant Enemy alums endorse, Suzie ? Not trying to start anything, just curious (Canadian and don't have a horse in this race).

Given the known diversity of political allegiances among the casts, I'm guessing there'll be some endorsements for the GOP as well (Adam Baldwin is a known Republican supporter, I think Emma Caulfield is as well? I forget who else).
SMG is a Republican too, or so I've heard.
One of my favorite things about Joss-related things - they tend to appeal to a truly diverse political crowd.

Unlike most other things.

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Matt7325 I doubt she'll vote for whomever my party puts up t his year, though.
SMG tweeted a selfie of her and Chelsea Clinton, so I doubt she's still a Republican.
She may be one of those traditional Republicans who object to being taxed, rather than the clown-car type. I could see her being for HRC, as many traditional conservative Republicans are.

Whatever the case is for her, we now know that ED's upbringing was along the lines of Democratic Socialism, and that her major in college (so cool that she's decided to go) indicates an interest in social justice. Most of what I've read about or seen of her has been so impressive.
Kris, sorry that I'm late in replying. I'm a big Hillary fan, and I'm hoping that's who Joss supports. I'm sure the Equality Now folks want Hillary. But I agree that Joss probably won't make an endorsement until the primary is over.

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