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February 05 2016

(SPOILER) EW reveals the title and synopsis for the Agents of SHIELD midseason premiere. The show will return on March 8th.

Does anyone else read the titles for what are hopefully puns and hope there's a related superpower? No just me then.
Ooh, good point Sunfire. Weren't there rumours a while back that Robbie Baldwin was going to appear in AOS?
Yep, I noticed a "trend" with the titles as well. 'Course, you see after the fact, dang that Joss! Looking forward to see the Ward "breast" in the mid season opening, your guess is good as mine!
Would Ward's breast be bouncing back?

Are we talking about a bouncy-type Inhuman? Or have they rented one of those inflatable bounce rooms for the episode? Could you see Coulson and May jumping around like 4-year-olds in one of those?
My money is on Slingshot.
Ah, the long-awaited Alan Partridge crossover episode.

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