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February 09 2016

Pivot to air a Valentine's Day marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Mostly Spuffy eps (sorry Bangel fans).

Pretty much the same episodes I showed my sister (who's not too keen on any shows with speculative elements, so no chance of getting her to watch the whole thing). Also a very Spike-centric viewing, though I picked a few more comedic episodes, like Pangs instead of The Harsh Light of Day, and Tabula Rasa over Smashed.
Givenn "BB&B" was actually centere d on Valentine's Day, selection is interesting.
Nice selection, too bad that Pivot is still using those horrendous HD masters. I can't believe they started airing it in 2014 and Fox still hasn't made a new version, after all the complaints (and it's now airing in Europe!).

And why is the cast and crew staying silent while their work is being completely tarnished? I don't want that terrible Pivot version to come out on Blu-Ray!
This is a odd selection of episodes for a Valentine's Day marathon. I guess its good if you're Spuffy. That ship sailed for me a long time ago.

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