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February 09 2016

Joss Whedon: "I'm writing... there's a couple of things I'm very very excited about". He hopes to say something about them very soon. You also get to hear about his favourite movies from last year.

My fear: something is announced and nobody cares because it's not a sequel, prequel, spin off blah blah.

My counter point: remember when marketing was about making people want to see something original? I barely do, that would be retro.

There concludes my argument with myself.
Oh, this warms my heart. Not that I really thought he wouldn't be writing, but... just gives me joy to think of the wonders in that brown satchel.
Oh, come on, writing? again? Why not shake things up a bit and start painting, baking (with SMG) or crocheting?
I'm guessing one is a musical and the other will be a book (assuming that Twist is done and dusted).
Yay. Go forth and write master Whedon.
"I've got a script here that I'm very excited about. I'm almost done with the first draft, and then it'll be ready to hand off to J.J. Abrams for the reboot. We're hoping to have a sneak preview of an excerpt from the first trailer ready to show in San Diego in 2019."

...And then Joss woke up in a cold sweat, and sighed with relief that he's safely out of that game.
No Escape? Sleeping with Othe People? Whaaat.

About the projects, when he releases something: I'll be there.

(I mean, not there there because I'm an ocean away but like I'll watch it, hear it, read it or smell it).
Haha maybe he should write a Rotten Tomatoes review for those movies, bc the critics have not been kind (I haven't seen them myself).

Secretly hoping against hope that one of the new projects is 5-season TV show.
What I most want is for Joss to partner with Netflix. They just seem so supportive of their creatives. And imagine what it would be like to have discussions about a Joss show without ever being able to discuss its ratings!
Agreed on Netflix, Knuckleball. I recall an article about the current state of serialised small-screen storytelling (can't remember if I found that article here, or...) and the general gist was that it's not quite been perfected for the binge-watching trend. Lots of series tend to forgo episodic stories completely and put out episodes that blend together so you can't distinguish one from another. I wondered what Joss's response would be. Plus simultaneous worldwide release!

That said, I have strict demands for what I want Joss to do next. It won't satisfy me unless it's a film, TV series, musical, stage play, ballet, novel, internet multi-media narrative, or anything with characters who do stuff.
What's interesting to me about that, Bluelark, is that by the same token, the most-binged pre-existing shows on Netflix tend to be fairly episodic in structure--Buffy, X-Files, etc.--and yet they're pushing really hard for this "13-hour movie" model regardless.
It is such a relief to see Joss smiling and sounding optimistic about his future projects. I loved his work with Marvel but it clearly drained him, I'm happy that he seems enthusiastic about his new work.
No Escape? Oh, I saw that movie. That's a good choice. I really enjoyed it too. Pierce Brosnan certainly had a lot of fun with his role in it..
Wouuld't it be fun if we heard about another Shakespeare reading at Joss' House. Miss hearing about those.
...And then Joss woke up in a cold sweat, and sighed with relief that he's safely out of that game.
Just when I think I'm out..., they pull me back in.

Whaaaaat? Joss can do Luca, but I can't do Michael?
No Escape? Duh, I thought Joss was saying Noah's Gate.
I thought "Goody, another great movie of which I've never heard."
Now I need to go watch Lake Bell in something.
I have had many ideas for Joss. My favorite would be "Joss Whedon Presents."

Remember "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"? It was a TV anthology series. It would have a different story every week. Some were murder mysteries, but others were comedies or little odd things. They all had Hitchcock's style of suspense.

So imagine Joss Whedon doing 10 stories a year, all different. One might be a "Doctor Horrible" sequel, but then the next several are new. He could come back to any story he wanted or do as many new stories as he wanted.

I think that would be awesome and scratch a lot of his creative itches.
I was thinking about Joss and Firefly today. It must be a coincidence that this article was posted. Glad he has something cooking. Ive been feinding for some Joss writing. Marvel work was fine, but it wasn't his characters. And that showed. When he writes for his own characters, that he created, its when he shines the brightest.
And imagine what it would be like to have discussions about a Joss show without ever being able to discuss its ratings!

"Joss' Netflix show was released 48 hours ago and hasn't been picked up for season 2 yet!"

"Joss Whedon presents"

I'd seriously dig a Black Mirror-esque Joss show.
A six part mini-series about what adventures happened to the crew of Serenity in the six months between the series end and the movie.
Yeah, something like that.
He's hoping he can talk about these things soon. So it isn't a solo thing. And they are well enough along that he sees a time when he can talk about them. I'm excited. And I'm hoping for a book as well.
Which reminds me that mystery of the author listing for "Tired" novella on Amazon (for those few days) has yet to be addressed. Has anyone found out what that was all about?

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2016-02-11 16:58 ]
I missed that. Who was the publisher? For some reason Joss is one of the authors for "Dear Creature" by Jonathan Wilson on Amazon.
I will watch anything he makes. I'd like to see something serialized, though, I like getting a lot of time with a set of characters and really getting to know them. I'd sort of like to see him explore the radio drama genre. I think there's a lot of room for development there.

"I'm writing... there's a couple of things I'm very very excited about".

Yes, yes, us too!
Had never thought of it, but anthology would be perfect. He could use same cast and have a variable format. Sometimes a different story each episode and sometimes a longer story. Or a story that picks back up every few episodes
kantgitrite101, yes! With either a web series or Netflix, having a story pick up every few episodes would be totally feasible. On regular TV you'd have to worry about people missing an episode or forgetting the previous chapter because it came out last month, but that wouldn't be a problem with these new formats.

His original idea for "Dollhouse" would have allowed him to do a situation comedy one week and a gothic romance the next. An anthology would embrace that and run with it.

The only problem with this idea is that Enver Gjokaj isn't currently available to play a different character every week. :-)
@Jason_M_Bryant, that won't be a problem for much longer!
No spoilers! I'm behind on this season of "Agent Carter".
It's not a spoiler for the show. Don't worry.

Also, it's not like Agent Carter is filming during the whole year like a 22-episode network show.
I'm guessing one is a musical and the other will be a book (assuming that Twist is done and dusted).
Simon | February 10, 10:50 CET

What does 'done and dusted' mean?
I'm just glad he can still get excited about his writing or other stuff. Particularly after having his brain, psyche, and physicality drained by The Avengers projects, not that I didn't love them, but it seemed like he was pretty battered by that experience.
What does 'done and dusted' mean?

It means finished successfully.
I hope it's a series for Netflix.
TonyaJ, I agree! And be it a book, a movie, a TV show of any kind, radio, I'll be reading/watching/listening. Just ... not comic books. Sorry.

Anyway, can't wait!!
If not for Joss' favorite movie picks I'd never have discovered the jewel that is "Winter's Bone", or the underappreciated magnificence of the writing of Daniel Woodrell.
I hope it's a series for Amazon Prime Video. So we get the pilot juicy early.
@Mort: That would be terribly cruel! The pilot juicy early, yes, but then you'd wait a full year until the full thing comes out instead of just getting everything as one package.

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