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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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February 14 2016

The top five love stories in Buffy Seasons 8 to 10. Wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a Buffyverse love list.

...I'm not touching this article with a ten foot pole.
Buffy and Satsu was the only one I had any interest in.

But yeah, Amy and Warren were a pretty compelling love story.

I haven't kept up with the comics, but I like the description of Buffy and Spike's relationship as it's very much what I would have imagined for them after the character growth of season 7.
I'd vote for Buffy & Twilight.
"I'd vote for Buffy & Twilight."

Is that Buffy and Angel-as-Twilight, or Buffy and Twilight-the-universe who roofied future mommy and daddy so it could get born?

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