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February 14 2016

Morena Baccarin's new movie breaks February box office records. 'Deadpool' is doing far better than pundits and tracking predicted.

Woo Hoo! Has anyone seen it yet? I've been of two minds about it, based on the reviews.
I saw it yesterday. I laughed a lot. I enjoyed the 4th wall breaking style of it and just the way it made fun of itself the whole time.
I thought it was hilarious. Wasn't completely won over for the first 15 minutes or so, but after that I loved it. Really happy to see Morena have this success.
Great movie. Laughed the whole way through. Morena was excellent and finally in a role where it looked like she was having fun most of the time.
It's a terrific movie. I laughed until I cried repeatedly.
Kudo's to Morena. An R rated Comic book movie doing big business in February is significant. If its repeatable its a game changer.
I'm not going to be able to see it until next weekend.But everything I've seen and heard looks great.They've already greenlit the sequel.

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Not just far better, doubled expectations! It is now above most of the marvel movies opening weekend box office takes.

I loved it. Laughed from the opening credits to the post credits scene. Just funny.
The teaser released ages ago sold me on the film. I'm just about to book tickets for the cinema. Can't wait.
Saw it yesterday and it was everything I wanted and more.

I nearly died during the opening credits, and the movie just got better from that. Surprisingly enough though, she and Renyolds had like real chemistry. They were cute together.
Husband wound up taking three 15 year old boys, who begged, to see it late on Friday night. They all loved it - of course.

Now I don't know when I'll go. I have no date! Damn these teenagers and their wily ways. I know that I could go myself but I want to go to the movies with my husband. It's a very rare occurrence - sort of like a Joss Whedon movie opening.

And Morena with a blockbuster -- that's just bonus bonus bonus.

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Stephen Marche reviewed it at Esquire mag (some spoilers), saying Deadpool Is a Marvel Movie for People Who Don't Like Marvel Movies. He specifically offers contrasts to other MCU efforts like Avengers. I probably won't get to see it until next weekend.
I don't know about that Esquire article. I loved Deadpool, but I love the other Marvel movies, too.
Damn freezing rain. Maybe the roads will be safe tomorrow.
"The pretension and self-seriousness of the Marvel universe"


James Gunn has gone on an already viral rant about this, but good God. I was sort of sympathetic to the argument about how formulaic Marvel movies have gotten, but the idea that the big issue with them is that they're self-serious is, in Gunn's words, an absurd rewriting of history.
Seems likely that comment came from a Warners Brothers exec for extremely obvious reasons.
I need to find the time to see this. I saw "Where to Invade Next," which took my movie-viewing slot for the weekend. Hopefully Thursday.
I loved it! Seen it twice already and want to see it again (was going to but the cinema was crazy the other night).

It is up amongst my absolute favourite comic book movies. I was so happy that it bested my expectations.

And Morena is amazing in it (though she often is, it's Morena!).
Deadpool was pretty damn awesome. Some flaws here and there, but the tone and attitude of it forces you to ignore those. The movie is fun and enjoyable.

I just wish more action movie and fight scene directors / editors would see Serenitys River-fights. Shaky cam and half-second cuts just need to go. In the action sequences Deadpool weren't any better than any other action movie (not worse though, but it's still annoying).
Deadpool was fun, but I think it was a little too aimed at teenage boys for my taste. I much prefer the main Marvel studio movies (with a few exceptions that I hated, specifically, Iron Man 3 and the Hulk movie). Also, I think it is great to have one 4th wall breaking movie, but god, I hope it does not start a trend. I like my comic book movies to take themselves a little seriously. Hopefully, everyone will understand that Deadpool is its own thing, and let it be unique and not copy it to death. But I certainly agree that Morena B. was fantastic in it.
Saw it yesterday and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I did not really enjoy the last Marvel film I saw in a theater (Antman), as I thought it was too formulaic. I felt the Deadpool story was presented in a fun/different style and it drew me in.

Ryan and Morena had chemistry, the story was interesting, and the bad guy (formerly in Game of Thrones season 3 and replaced with a different actor for season 4) was excellent in this movie.

I'm sure the movie is not for everyone... but a fun movie experience for me.

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