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February 16 2016

(SPOILER) Trailer for Agents of SHIELD 3x11 'Bouncing Back'. The show returns on March 8th.

Remember when people complained that this show didn't have any super heroes in it? How times have changed. :)
Was this always the planned return day for AoS? Because they ran two episodes of Carter last night, on top of the two-hour premiere, and will have to double up one more time (I'm guessing on Mar. 1) to air all ten episodes before AoS returns. I'm wondering if the low ratings are causing ABC to just burn off the remainder of Agent Carter run.
Remember: Agent Carter started two weeks late because of the State of the Union, so they had to double up some episodes. AOS was always going to return on March 8.
@alliterator--I do remember that, but by my count, there's still one week that would have to be doubled-up at some point, and I'm unclear if that was planned. But thanks for confirming the scheduled return date. I assume the finale was always meant to be two hours.
Next week Agent Carter is 2 hours again then the finale is one hour.
@Agent-Next week (Feb 23rd) is a double for Carter, the finale (Mar 1st) is just one hour for some reason.
Agent Carter's ratings woe's are greatly exaggerated.
@Grack21 The L+3's I saw for the premier were not all that good. Why do you think that the ratings woes are exaggerated ?
If i recall correctly the l+3 ratings are about the same as season 1. It's all on how you want to spin it, I guess.

Edit: Or I could not understand how DVR ratings work anymore. Either way I think the doomsayers are overreacting, as always.

[ edited by Grack21 on 2016-02-18 03:10 ]
Not sure they are, Grack21. Best case is 50/50 for another season of Agent Carter. And everything is up in the air since Paul Lee (head of ABC) got fired today.
SHIELD's up in the air too?
SHIELD rates much higher than Agent Carter. It is in no danger of not getting another season or maybe even 2. Please don't start a picnic.
Yeah the recent shake up is...not good news.

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