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February 18 2016

Gina Torres talks about 'systemic prejudice' in Hollywood. She was talking about diversity and other issues in a live chat with HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

She is obviously right when saying that all roles in any production should be open to actors of different ethnicity and gender, and that they would become much more interesting if that were done.

Having said that, if Joss is going is going to do another Shakespeare adaptation sometime could I put in a plea for him to do Othello starring Gina. She can project an awesome physical and emotional presence that would be amazing for this.
Gina as Othello?
Abso-bloody-lutely, I couldn't agree more. I'd be queueing up to see that.
I cannot imagine anyone "going another way" when Gina is in the room.
Gina as Othello? I'm not sure how exactly that would work. Do you think she should just play a male and we should just suspend disbelief, or that they should change the sex of the character? The latter wouldn't make sense, since that play is about masculinity and masculine issues and insecurities more than any other Shakespeare wrote.
I could see her doing a masculinized, swashbuckling woman in a Lesbian relationship with Desdemona. That would give all kinds of interesting nuances to the sexual jealousy and insecurity issues in the play. You can shine a lot of light on those kinds of issues by giving a character that kind of twist.

I was very much hoping when Joss was working on Wonder Woman that she would get that lead. There's no reason why the women of Paradise Island should all be white. In fact the Mediterranean being a crossroads of cultures in ancient times, there should be a wide range of ethnic types among the Amazons. But alas for that dream.
Gina, I don't know if you ever come here to read comments, but I'm sure you know how much you are adored by Firefly fans, and don't doubt that you have inspired countless girls and young women to look at you and say "I could do that!" And not just for girls of color. I am sure there are just as many girls looking at Zoe saying, "I can be that. I can be a striver and a fighter for what is right, and someone who protects those she loves."

What inspires me is that you have been able to take all the rejection and the prejudice and the hate, and not let it embitter you, that you can still go on fighting and approaching your work with such relish and joy.
Might need to be an *all*-female Othello.
'"Don't just assume that because it's not specifically white or black that a person of color can't play that part, because that's obscene and that's absurd. There are so many gifted people out there of color."' Been saying that for decades.
@DaddyCatALSO - I don't think it would have to be, but I've seen an all-female Richard III and an all-female Taming of the Shrew. Wasn't remotely a problem in either of them.

Gina as Othello would be glorious.

(EDIT: I'm pretty sure Amy Acker could do a knockout Iago, too.)

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Would anyone be thinking of Gina as Othello if she was white? Doesn't the putting of Gina into Othello's shoes because she's a woman of color sort of miss the point she was making? Not to say it couldn't work, but I can't envision it. However, I'd just about kill to see Gina as Cleopatra, Lady MacBeth or Gertrude.

And barboo: I second your emotion. When navigating the road of widow-hood I sometimes ask myself, "What would Zoe do?" Thank you, Gena!
Lady M definitely, Cleopatra not so much (she needs to be irresponsible and flighty to the point of annoying, which isn't really Gina), Gertrude... not sure. (Not a big fan of Hamlet.)

She'd also be an awesome Tamora in Titus Andronicus, though I can't really imagine Joss doing that.

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