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February 18 2016

'The Avengers' is the best of the 44 Marvel movies to date. And the sequel came 9th in this Hollywood Reporter list.

Ooh err. Too much Spidey for my liking and I'd have rated Thor & Guardians of the Galaxy so much higher.
IMO, The Avengers suffers from the same problem almost all superhero movies do: a terrible third act. The hero and his team have to fight X in order to save Y with no stakes whatsoever. In this case, they have to fight the aliens to save NY. And we watch them do it. Yawn.

Guardians and Winter Soldier have the same problem but Guardians almost surpasses it by using some humor and just the sheer pleasure of seeing that ragtag group of heroes work together. But you're still totally aware of it.

Spider-Man 2 is probably the best overall movie because of that. It has a great villain and you're invested. It has consequences. That moment actually changes things.
Not too bad a list as these things go, though I liked Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: First Class a lot more than this writer did.
Considering Deadpool is now my favourite movie of all time I would obviously rate it number 1 amongst the Marvel movies!

The people who wrote that article don't seem to like the movies much, they called both Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool overrated but put them in the top 15 still!
I'd rank Guardians higher (top 5) and First Class above any of the Singer X-Men.

eta: AndrewCrossett beat me to my own thoughts.

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For me very few superhero movies transcend the genre. They're mostly pretty bad, even the highly rated ones. I'll be happy when this phase in cinema is over. Deadpool stands out as an actually good film though.
Watching Age of Ultron right now. It may not be as iconic as the first movie, but it's a great subsequent chapter.

I would place CATWS at #2, and many of the lower-down films (primarily the X-Men films) higher up than they are, but interesting list.

As for Deadpool, it was very funny (the opening "credits" were brilliant), but I don't think I'll see it in a theater again, and it will be very difficult to watch in a house with a 5-year-old in it. I can see this as the beginning of churning out crap superhero movies with parades of naked women, gratuitous asses, and profanity that's there as a substitute for good dialogue.

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I don't have huge objections to the list, and i agree with number one, though like others I would rank Guardians higher. What I find amazing, and a tribute to Marvel creators (both in comics and cinema) is the surprisingly large portion of these 44 films that are decent and/or downright awesome. Well over fifty percent. To me that is a stunning success rate for a genre that has not historically gained much respect or critical success.
I certainly don't agree completely with the list (I bet even the authors would arrange it differently if they did it again), but it didn't completely lose me until I got past the top 10 and saw that they'd placed the Iron Man movies out of order.
As Squishy said, it's a great credit to Marvel and the genre that so many of these could be reasonably argued as being among the very best. There are definitely movies that I would place higher on the list (Guardians, Thor, First Class have been mentioned already, and I would move Iron Man 3 to a much loftier position), but I also wouldn't necessarily want to place the higher-ranked movies lower than they are.
So, was Antman really worth seeing?
I didn't really think anything about this list (one man's opinions etc. etc.) until I got to the bottom and saw that Howard the Duck was not the lowest-ranked film. My condolences to the writers of this article that they had to sit through anything worse than that turd.
Spider-Man 2 might still edge Avengers for me (they're really close for me). The problem with SM2 today, is with no universe that continued it, it's now a decade old film in isolation in a genre that's become about being connected. It has no "devout" fanbase.

So I think you see a lot of support from it from film purists or other creators like Kevin Feige that realize just how much that film nailed its target. The fans have moved on though.

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barboo: Ant Man is my favourite Marvel one.
Ant-Man was a very fun movie, though I kind of rolled my eyes as to how it hit just about every single heist movie trope, almost as if the writer and director were going down a list of tropes. But, if you're not someone who's uptight about stuff like that, it's a very enjoyable movie. And it's one that (like GotG) could easily have been a disaster if not pulled off correctly.

I liked Iron Man 3. I think a lot of the dislike of that movie comes from comic book fans who were outraged at what they did with the Mandarin. As someone who has never read a single Iron Man comic in his life, however, I didn't care.

I hate reboots, so I've never watched the Garfield Spider-Man movies. I liked the first two Raimi ones.
Oh to see Edgar Wright's Ant Man.

I enjoyed the movie well enough, but outside the action bits, everything was shot like a romantic comedy or a sitcom, boring intercut headshots of actors reciting dialogue.

Edgar Wright would have every frame of that movie meticulously constructed. He just doesn't do ordinary.

But we'll never know.
Guardians of the Galaxy. In top 5. Easily.
I'm with Trentaferd, once I saw their Iron Man ordering (and more especially how high they placed Iron Man 2; there's a LOT of movies listed below it that I'd rather watch twice in a row than watch IM2 :o/). Also the ordering of the Blade movies confounds me a bit, Blade 2 is definitely my least favorite and least remembered of the three. I was trying really hard not to try to make my own list to see how it would turn out... but... the more comments I read the more I think I might have to do it out of curiosity heh.
Howard the Duck was Steve Gerber's masterpiece, one of the greatest satirical comic books ever published. The idea that Lucas' abomination is the way Gerber's gift to comics is remembered has gnawed at me for decades.

Howard's very brief reappearance at the end of Guardians (complete with end credits to Gerber and artist Val Mayerik) gave Guardians and James Gunn a whole lot of bankable good will (at least from me)--and, despite my problems with the movie, definitely slots Guardians in the top 10.

Maybe someday, somebody will do Howard right. Maybe an eight minute cartoon in front of the next Avengers movie?

ETA: Seth Green was the voice of Howard in Guardians. Another reason to love it.

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Yes, I loved Iron Man 3, too. It should definitely be much higher than Iron Man 2, not lower. First Class should also be higher.

And maybe it's just me, but I think that Spiderman movies are a bit overrated; the romantic plots and Mary Jane's characterization, for one, always bugged the heck out of me.
Great to see some love for Iron Man 3. I love that movie - and I especially love what they did with the Mandarin. The 'created enemy' is an intruiging and scarily realistic-seeming concept.

Winter Soldier's my absolute fave superhero movie. Avengers, Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2 are the other Big Ones for me, Age of Ultron as well (I have a major issue with its happy ending/lack of pointing out that every bit of destruction was the Avengers/Stark's fault, but that aside, the movie got soooo much right). And Thor and Guardians.
Then all the other MCU movies. Ant-Man, Norton Hulk, Cap:First Avenger, Thor the Dark World, first and second Iron Man, I like them all.

I never got the dislike for Origins:Wolverine. Sure, it got Deadpool wrong, but apart from that? It's a fine movie.
Same with Spider-Man 3. A couple of goofy bits where you have to fill in the blanks yourself, maybe. Overall it's perfectly enjoyable. Third X-Men also really isn't as awful as it's often made out to be.

I'm very appreciative of most Marvel movies anyway. The Garfield Spider-Man movies bug me though, as I think the Peter Parker characterisation is way off. First one still had a lot of good scenes, second one's pretty awful all through.
I'm always surprised that Iron Man 3 isn't that popular. It was my favourite Iron Man film because it felt very fresh and I really liked the way they did Tony's arc.

I'm glad to see Age of Ultron ranking high. Having recently rewatched it, I think the first and third acts are better than in The Avengers. It's the second act, though, which is still very enjoyable, I just thought the ramifications of Ultron weren't fully explored. And more than that, you have to compare it to the second act of The Avengers, which is the best thing in the whole MCU.
This is a terrible list. The rankings are all over the place. Guardians and First Class should definitely be a lot higher. All the other X-Men movies are rated too high. Same with Spider-Man. Raimi did a good job at the time but comic book movies have improved since then. His Green Goblin was lackluster and his Peter Parker was goofy, not snarky. Or smart. And Kirsten Dunst is great but that Mary Jane sucked.

Ultron is too high but I personally loved it. And Iron Man 3 had great qualities. It really wouldn't have been so hated if it didn't go for the Mandarin twist. Once you get over that you can really enjoy it.

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I actually agree with their justification for why Guardians is overrated. It's always seemed like an inferior take on Farscape to me. (I know Guardians of the Galaxy originated in the 70es, but I believe the team the movie is based on was from around 2008. Which was certainly after Farscape..)

I do think they've placed the Raimi Spiderman movies too high though. I never did warm to Tobey Maguires performance of that character. For my money Garfield was closer to the spirit of the books..

Can't argue with The Avengers being No1 though. Still the best final act of all the movies..
@luciddreams: I loved the Mandarin twist and it was one of the best things about the movie. The bwst way to deal with a racist steretype, for sure.

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