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February 18 2016

Buffy story to be included in free comic coming out for Dark Horse Day on June 4th. This is to mark the comic book company's 30th anniversary.

Was just about to post about this.
So I speculate for those who can't grab a copy of this free comic, the story will likely be collected in the final Season 10 TPB, which will probably be solicited for september or october.

Sidenote, wonder if we might get some news about release schedule for Twist out of these 30th anniversary news.
Yeah... I don't think we've heard anything about Twist since it was first announced.
The Hollywood Reporter article today about the free comic did very quickly mention Twist, but only said it is coming "later this year". Not really the details we are looking for.

Yes I just saw that. No idea if they were relying on older info. I hope not.

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