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February 19 2016

Speculating on Joss Whedon's next adaptations of Shakespeare. After Much Ado About Nothing, where does Joss go next in the world of Shakespeare? This excerpt from " After the Avengers: From Joss Whedon's Hottest, Newest Franchises to the Future of the Whedonverse" attempts to find out.

The good, the bard and the powerful ugly. Hahaha, sold!
Great article, writer knows his Whedon and had some great ideas. Think a Hiddleston and Glau 'Hamlet' with a gothic horror bent would be amazing. Really delve into the crazy and blur the 'is he really faking?' line, and make Claudius a little more threatening than he's usually portrayed, and you could amp up the spooky atnosphere.
But I'd really like to see James Marsters take a stab at just about anything Joss does next. I haven't really seen him in anything he could sink his teeth into since that alley in Not Fade Away. He played Spike so brilliantly I think he deserves more shots than he gets as an actor.
Oh and Anthony Stewart Head for Claudius!
Randy and Giles, reunited. With Kristine Sutherland as Gertrude! With little marshmallows! And Tales of Brave Ulysses playing in all the Claudius/Gertrude scenes!
I thought I only wanted another Joss TV show but now I realise... I need this.
Yes and yes.

This is a really great article. I almost want to pay to read the rest of it.
I'd love to see more Whedonesque Shakespeare. Tom Hiddleston's Hamlet is something we desperately need to see. Thinking of Summer Glau as Ophelia, I immediately imagined Sean Maher as Laertes. He gave a great performance in Much Ado and I think Joss might be the director to actually make something of Laertes's character.

Other plays I'd be interested to see Joss do are The Tempest and The Winter's Tale.
Tony Head in King Lear. That is all I need in life.
I like the idea of Hamlet played by a woman. Lots of problems to solve if Jossir did that, but he likes challenges.

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