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February 22 2016

ABC releases description for Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski penned pilot for 'Marvel's Most Wanted'. That's the Agents of SHIELD spin-off starring Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood.

Not what I expected. Tbh I have trouble seeing this going for very long even if it's picked up.
I have trouble seeing this going for very long...

I don't know, did you read some of the
"Untitled Unwatchable Obvious Trainwreck
Of Soon To Be Cancelled Dreck"
descriptions that it is in competition with?

The bar may be set pretty low next year.
I don't like the plot either. If ABC thinks it can be a compromise to fans of "Agents of SHIELD" if it decides to cancel that show, it's gonna be really mistaken.
I'm not saying yet that this show is a bad idea, but I'm very curious why anyone in charge thinks it's a good idea. it's not like agents carter and of shield are particularly huge shows for them, so I doubt it's coming just from confidence in the brand. Regardless, I hope it's good, and I hope to Christ that agent Carter gets renewed.
You could make a case for most plots of pilots being woeful. The Dominic Fortune entry on Wikipedia makes for interesting reading Link:.
Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood are bloody amazing, but... I have to say that I just don't get it. It's as if the studio is saying "People like Marvel, I mean look at how much money those movies are making - but right thinking sensible people don't like all those geeky superpowers and costumes and stuff... I know what we need, we need a Marvel show without all that comic book nonsense".

Perhaps it's just me but it seems like it is in embracing the geeky/silly/ott while maintaining the heart of the original property (Avengers, GotG, Flash(TV), Deadpool etc.) that we see the greater success critically, financially and in fandom.
So it looks like they'll have to gin up some way to have Bobbi and Lance "accused of a crime they didn't commit", A-Team style, and be considered enemies by Coulson and his team. Ugh.

Dominic Fortune could be a good addition to the MCU, but this just seems like a ham-fisted way to introduce him by pairing him with better-known characters.
I don't really get it either. SHIELD 's name is still mud so what could be bad enough for them to either leave or be kicked out by Coulson? Maybe something with children but I don't see a network show going the dark.

Also, not seeing much crossover potential if that's the case. You'd think poaching to of the cast for another show would have an obvious link.
It's just one paragraph.

Let's not judge the show too harshly based on a very brief description. A one paragraph description of Buffy wouldn't have mentioned the wonderful relationship with her friends that we all loved. A one paragraph description of Firefly wouldn't have mentioned how much fun it was watching Jayne be Jayne.
The "on the run" aspect is what I find annoying on concept, for the very little learned through the description, as once again make it sound a bit reactive on the outset.
Wished the concept were something that were more proactive, that doesn't need them severing ties from AOS to be in their own show.
I don't think any of my favorite shows have had compelling one paragraph pilot descriptions. It's all in the execution.
I don't care about a season or (worse) series-long attempt to uncover the conspiracy/the reason Bobbi & Hunter are forced to go on the run...have mercy, MCU, I have enough of your content to watch as it is (haven't even gotten to Jessica Jones yet -- next week, probably, as a bunch of stuff I watch will have ended).

Is this pilot definitely ordered to series ? I hope it fails. I'd rather Bobbi & Hunter either stay on the parent show or be written out and guest star occasionally.

I see that Dominic Fortune is [in recent years] already tied to Mockingbird comics, hmm....they really wanna adapt him to screen.

Or Agent Carter-style limited seasons and mini-series ? I'm willing to compromise, MCU content-creators, but you're just...kicking my ass at this point and you're only planned to get bigger, with the rollout of more Netflix shows. I'm too into this mega-franchise to not watch every bit of it that you tie together (even loosely)...please ease up. :(

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