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April 07 2004

Saving Angel campaign puts AtS back into Lycos Search top 50. The "spam the internet" campaign using the keywords "save angel from cancellation" brought "Angel" to the top 50 - all the way to #19 at one point.

It dropped out of the top 50, but Lycos is now reporting that there is a rumor it will go to another nework.

Save Angel From Cancellation didn't get saved by the Lycos 50 this week, but have faith Angel Fans, for we are hearing that the show actually may be picked up by another network.


I'll hold the confetti and streamers for more solid confirmation, but I also find it interesting that they would post such a thing at all. Lycos is a credible entity, and they do have lots of resources and contacts others might not.

[wary] It would be great if it was true; I'd love to know the source of the rumor.... [/wary]
Hmmmmmmm, while the part of me that still hasnt accepted Angel's demise wants to jump and shout, the realist in me tells me to be very cautious. That said, Joss did seem pretty optimistic in that interview last week.

Last I heard (think it was kristen) was that Fox themselves were considering picking up the show.
This is just getting mean. I feel like Spike in Season 6. Throw me a bone (so to speak); take it away. Repeat ad nauseum.
See, now this is the kind of post I'm always hoping to find every time I check the site. I mean, I'm extremely sceptical, but least someone said something. While I'm exactly not sure if the Lycos 50 is the new 2004 Ford ZX2 in terms of reliablity, I'm sure they wouldn't post something like this having heard nothing at all.

So here I sit. Hopeful. Skeptical. Kinda vomiting in my mouth a little, as a result of months of riding the emotional roller coaster that is the Save Angel Saga.
My weakened, frayed, fragile little nerves can barely stand this. And yet I devour every Angel rumor hungrily. Help me.

I will personally hunt this Lycos person down and slap them, hard, if they're playing with us. No, revise that: a whip and an electric cattle prod will be involved.
Part of me wants to rejoice and throw confetti and perhaps yell "HOPE AT LAST!!!!" but.. (there's a but) the reasonable, non dramatic part of me says no, and I too will personally hunt down this person and put them through extreme pain if they are just playing wiht us. So for now, I will restrain myself.
Maybe Fox cancelled Wonderfalls so they can pick up Angel. Or maybe I'm just hallucinating.
Elo: The irony police called. They know where you live. Also, no way to the FOXheads getting an idea that twisted and interesting.

ETA to fix typo.

[ edited by bogu_salias on 2004-04-08 03:39 ]
"....but have faith Angel Fans, for we are hearing that the show actually may be picked up by another network."

The more I think about this statement the more pissed off I get. Why? Because it strikes me as irresponsible to blithely announce stuff like this on such a prominent site. "We are hearing?" Oh yeah, from whom? If this were a gossip site, that'd be one thing. But.....

I'm juicing up my electric cattle prod and adding extra-sharp nails to my whip.
Actually, bogu-salias, it sounds entirely like Fox to first cancel Wonderfalls and then pick up Angel. It sounds diabolically just like them....the bastards.
Here we go again......this has been one rollercoaster of a ride, hasn't it? I know that nothing will come of it, but every time I read something like this, my heart does a little flip and I can't help feeling hopeful. Then it's quickly back down to earth again with a bump. :-(
hmm, if it does get another year, i hope it will be the last, and they will use the entire season to make a good ending. but who knows.
Fox picking up Angel would be my worst nightmare because they'd pick it up, show it for two nights and then cancel it. Unless the plan is to just "sign" it up enough to get the green light to make a season's worth of episodes, then cancel it and then make oodles of money on the DVD set because they know there is already a loyal audience that regularly buys them so they're hoping the regular - yet not DVD - buying fans would be willing to dish out a few bucks to see how it all ends.

But if this is really a possibility that some other network is interested I'm betting it's either FX (who regularly shows Buffy reruns) or UPN has changed their minds.

If there isn't any real substance to this rumor I think it sucks that they'd get all our hopes up.
I agree with BLWessels. I could never relax if Fox picked up ATS. Although it's better than nothing..
I've given up on network tv. They all show crap. The best stuff is on cable right now. Shows like Touching Evil (Awesome acting), Monk (Best cop show on tv), Stargate SG-1 (I got hooked on this show a few months ago), Wrestling (Yes, I do watch wrestling ever since Goldberg beat Hogan for the WCW tital 6 years ago), Tripping the Rift (It's laugh out loud funny, and crude), and Nip/Tuck (So adult yet so compelling). All those shows aside from wrestling have some of the best writing and acting I've ever seen. And there are other shows which I've haven't had time to watch but are still good like The Shield and The Sopranos. Network tv is on the decline for genre television. If anybody wants to see good quality television anymore tune into cable.
Click here for a mockup of what a 6th season of Angel would be like if another network picked it up.
That link doesn't work, prufrock.
lmao. The best season yet.

Link works for me.

[ edited by kaivaal on 2004-04-08 06:23 ]
Oh ... ! *gigglesnort* That is hilarious.

So are we to assume that JL would be the 6th Season Big Bad (with the Dread Frog of Vaudeville an early-arc red herring, or his evil, warty sidekick?) 'Cause I'm thinking it's definitely time for another apocalypse-type showdown back at the Ranch!
I changed the link so it links directly to the report mentioned and also changed the headline.

Take care of your headlines, people. Make sure they're clear, and/or catchy.
I refuse to believe that an Internet search engine has better media sources than the likes of Zap2it, Sci Fi Wire or TV Guide to name but a few. Personally, I think they're picking up on old rumours.

But it would be nice if it was true.
Word, Simon. (And a crappy search engine at that.)
If it were true, I'd...well, let's say I've uttered some rash promises about acts I'd do if it gets picked up ;)

But if FOX picked it up? I'd go psychotic, varying between my hatred of Gail Berman, and now owing thanks to her.

Either way, I'd require meds.
Sadly, the rumor that has everyone in a tizzy was Lycos 50 writer Dean's take on weeks' old hearsay posted on which itself was a misread of an E! article by Kristin. (She meant to refer to 20th Century Fox TV Productions rather than the FOX network.)

And so it goes that the fans of ANGEL are again spun around emotionally. Rumors and false speculation are the great danger of the Internet.

Incidentally, so far as I know, "Saving Angel" never promoted the search engine campaign; we did.

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