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February 23 2016

Here's why the most terrifying Buffy villain isn't who you think it is. Choosing one among the many 'Big Bad' characters, the writer argues that one stands apart as the worst of them.

We live in a culture in which women are not considered to have ownership of our own bodies. As I've gotten older, and talked with more and more female friends about the kinds of things we've gone through in life, I've learned that all of us have experienced, multiple times, and in multiple levels of harmfulness, ongoing sexual harassment, from the humiliations of hearing catcalls and obscenities shouted at us just walking down a street, obscene phone calls (before the age of telephone ID, to being groped and fondled in public, to being verbally threatened with violence or sexual assault, to actual sexual assault, to attempted rape, and rape, and stalking to the point of having to go into hiding. These are not unusual and isolated events. These happen on a regular, quotidian basis to women when we are not in the presence of men. So yes, Warren is the epitome of the kind of man who believes that he is entitled to women's bodies in any way he wants, and this article is correct - men like him are real, they are a constant factor in women's lives.
Warren also embodies a a type of person you see in real life nerd communities. There are roots of misogyny in fandoms and it's scary. Warren was rejected and has been craving vengeance for years, wanting to punish women for not wanting him - a prevalent threat in our world.
Would have to agree, although it was exactly who I thought it was going to be the second I read that title. He and Caleb both represented what the show came about to fight in the first place, and represented very real human flaws. But on a less serious note Gnarl was still the scariest- in all honesty give me a very human asshole over a skin eating rhyme monster any day, at least we're all familiar in dealing with the former :P
I thought it was going to be Caleb but Warren is basically on the same spectrum of misogynistic zealous creep.

Reality is scarier than fantasy. And while Buffy gave us metaphors for life. .. these two are scarily blatant on two types of men bent on destroying what they touch as they see themselves our betters....


I just need to remind myself that good so far 'trumps' the bad (I know, he's like a crazy mix of the two).... we need to make sure that the bad doesn't deafen the good.

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I immediately knew who it was about, or at least, who it should be about. Warren is very underrated as a villain, and I completely agree with this article. The scariest thing about him is that he is just an ordinary human, and there are so many like him out there in the real world. In a show full of supernatural threats, demons and other 'monsters', he was a reminded that humans are the biggest monsters there are.
I would agree with that assessment, and everything barboo said. And yes, that kind of misogyny runs rampant among men in the geek community. Warren, as sci-fi nerdy as he gets, represents real-life danger for women, rather than metaphorical danger.
The scary thing about Warren is that you really can imagine real people doing exactly those sort of things if given access to those powers and opportunities. And he's one villain Buffy couldn't defeat herself. Slaying couldn't be used to stop him.
...Yeah, this is both grim and true.
Interesting how much I hate Warren (in my latest ficverse, I w ent so far as to have him defeat Buffy and get away with the amusement park money, just to keep Tara around; in another one, with multiple resurrections, he came back too, but as four-armed one-legged slave,) and yet Adam sort of resembles me. (While many fans were squicked when he and Amber were dating, I really enjoyed it)

Teh whole storyline of the Trio and especially Warren is deeply disturbing. There is a vague suggestion that telling fanboys to "grow up" turns them into abusers and gun men.
Warren is the worst villain in the same way that The Body is the best episode--it brings it all home. Everything that has been set up in fantasy, has a payoff in, as the author notes, the all too real.

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