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February 23 2016

Steven S. DeKnight to direct Pacific Rim 2. The sequel to the Guillermo del Toro film will be his feature directorial debut.

I am doing the Dance of Joy
I didn't like the first movie for all sorts of reasons but I'd like to see what Steven does with it.
Did he lose a bet?
It makes sense, but it's sad he left Daredevil to direct a sequel of a mediocre movie.
Did not see that coming. Hey, given the chance to direct a big screen blockbuster you grab it I guess
I feel like I am in the opposite boat. I loved Pac Rim, it was movie of the year for me so I'm worried to see GDT won't be directing the sequel, but apparently it was either not doing it or passing it off?
I liked the first movie overall despite hating a few specific things in it. I'm happy to hear Steven is working on the sequel.
Can we have the director's cut of the first Pacific Rim, first ? Because apparently there was a lot of character development (and character-anything) left on the cutting room floor and I recall Del Toro promising a DC edition eventually (and warning us before it was released in theatres that there was a much longer and enriched story there).

As it was ? Pacific Rim was a feast for the eyes, but nothing else to write home about. I was massively disappointed. How do you waste the likes of Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba ?

Happy for DeKnight (especially since some of his passion projects were getting delayed, like that sci-fi series he was gonna do for Starz as his follow-up to Spartacus Before he got involved with Daredevil), hope he improves on the first Pacific Rim in a big way.

What did people like about thhe original ? I like big robot movies too (with aliens? Even better), I've seen all four of the Transformers adaptations (only 1 and 3 were good), loved the original shows and Beast Wars/Machines as a kid, enjoyed much of the animé Neon Genesis Evangelion, Macross Plus, and probably a few others I'm forgetting...but what did Pacific Rim do that was new, innovative, or worth putting it on the big screen and what did it offer its adult audience, really ? It didn't get there first in being the first high-budget, live action big robot movie...

Guillermo Del Toro did Pan's Labyrinth ! (The Hellboy films were fun and great-looking too, plus I hear some of his earlier stuff like Cronos is great). I enjoyed some of Crimson Peak, but he really hasn't produced anything close to as good as Pan's in the decade since. Maybe it's a good thing he's off the Rim sequels. He can concentrate on his horror series The Strain and maybe finally get around to giving us the third and final Hellboy, studios-willing.

Here's hoping the Pacific Rim sequels (which were originally supposed to shoot back-to-back this winter) are still gonna be made in Toronto (I heard they might move to Vancouver). I need the work. Thanks to China for the first one being massively popular there.

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The drifting element was intriguing, especially what that said about people. I appreciated that this was a story about fighting for survival that avoided a lot of the typical glamour of military films. No military ranks used, clear evacuation of civilians before destruction of buildings. Things are desperate, but not cynical.

The character development for Mako Mori was something I really liked and wanted to see more of. Ultimately it's a movie about people recovering from what war does to them even as they keep fighting to save people.

Also I'm a sucker for a good stick fight.
Did he lose a bet?

I liked that Pacific Rim was a movie where the whole world was threatened and *the whole world* fought back, not just America.

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