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February 24 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar officially on board for Cruel Intentions TV series pilot. She will play Kathryn Merteuil, the role she originated in the original '90s film.

Hope this gets picked up and stays on for a while. I didn't like the film, but Sarah was an absolute hoot in it.
I'm crossing my fingers for Sarah, I hope she gets this and it's successful. She's a wonderful actress and I wish to see her more!

With that said, NBC is the worst of the worst. I'm just waving my hands here.
Unless the pilot is awful, I think NBC would be stupid not to order a full season of this (probably a shorter season around 10 episodes). The show can't be super expensive to produce, the original film director is on board, SMG is doing the pilot, and we live in a society obsessed with 90's pop culture nostalgia.

That said, yes, NBC is the worst. FOX is also pretty high up there for Firefly and Dollhouse, but that's another topic.
From what I've read this not designed to revolve around SMG's character and she may not appear much after the pilot.
@ JDL: Actually, two trades (Deadline and THR) say that if the pilot is ordered to series, SMG will be a series regular.
@ JDL: Yes, the story is focused on Kathryn trying to get control of Sebastian's estate. It's a fight between her and the son.
Never been more excited. One of my favorite films, and Sarah was the best bitch! I was crossing my fingers for a guest appearance at best, so this is blowing my mind. I wonder how they'll get around Reese Witherspoon if she doesn't return; recast or just not feature Annette? I'd rather they just ignore her, especially if Sarah is returning.
I'm surprised by how excited I am at this news! I didn't expect the series' premise would sound interesting like this. A TV sequel to a film? Let's see what SMG can do.
Am I the only one wondering if SMG is going back to being a brunette for the role? :-\
I'm also curious about her hair! I mean, it's not impossible that she went blonde over the course of two decades, but it'd be nice if they stayed with brunette. But that's just me being selfish, as I'd see Buffy first with blonde. They could always do a wig at worst?
@Fred_Sonja: First, I love your name!

Second, I'd like to see them stick with brunette too. Maybe I'm overanalyzing, but I feel like the hair colors in that movie were signifiers for the type of person each character was: Kathryn's dark hair = bad person, Annette's blonde hair = good person, and Sebastian's hair was somewhere in between, a little bit bad and good.

Regardless of all that, I think the brunette hair really helped set the tone for Kathryn's character—her dark hair was almost like a black hat to me, she was the villain of the movie. And it also helped that Kathryn's overall look was such a departure from how people knew SMG as Buffy.

At any rate, I'm very excited. I really hope this show turns out to be a success.
Hair! This is nasty Sarah, at her worst! Oh, she pegged that role perfectly and I would love to see her act her stuff.

SMG is a wonderful actress and requires more screen time.
I'll watch it just because she's in it. The movie didn't blow me away but her performance was entertaining.
Seems Sarah follows the Telly Savalas rule in playing a villain; do not make them sympathetic.
Looks like SMG just dyed her hair brunette!! Wooh! She posted an Instagram pic.

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