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February 24 2016

Avengers: Age of Ultron and Agents of SHIELD get nominated for Saturn Awards. The movie got nominated for four awards and the tv show got one nomination.

Some of these categories make no sense. THG: Mockingjay is a fantasy film now?! WTF? And since when is Harrison Ford the male lead in TFA and John Boyega a supporting character? Does that mean Alec Guinness was the lead in Star Wars over Ford and Fisher?

Also, I have to laugh about Carrie Fisher being nominated. Even her biggest fans don't think she did a very good acting job.

I can forgive Game of Thrones getting yet another nominations for its atrocious season 5, because the Saturns have to dig deep to find something to nominate in the fantasy TV category. It's not nearly as infuriating as it getting nominations and wins at Emmys and GGs, and Ok as long as it doesn't win. I'm not sure what exactly Kit Harrington did to get nominated though - swing a sword really well? - but that's still better than the Emmy laziness of nominating Peter Dinklage, who was dialing it in and had nothing to work with all season. But I see that the boy playing Olly was nominated for young artist, so maybe they really loved that storyline?

Though I haven't seen all the nominees in that category, I hope Krysten Ritter wins for Jessica Jones.

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I thought Game Of Thrones Season 5 was fantastic, but then I think the show improves on itself and pays off wonderfully every season. Season 5 gave us a lot of things we'd been waiting for and featured some surprises. I'm not a reader of the books, though, so it's easier for me to love it. And I'm happy that the supernatural elements have increased gradually, from a first season where all we got were some wights and a not-fully-revealed-White-Walker in the first episode, some dragon bones in one of the middle ep, vague possibility of magic with a witch in a later ep, and finally, stunningly, baby dragons in the last scene of the season. Now the show has fully embraced its weirdness -- I love the Arya/Faceless Men stuff.

All that said, Kit Harrington doesn't deserve an acting nom (he's not bad, like some people say, but there're so many more standout performances that're heads and shoulders above him). As far as the heartthrobs go, I would put forward Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau's Jaime Lannister over Jon Snow. But there're supporting actors whose work I enjoy even more on the show -- Ser Davos' stuff is often powerful. Ser Jorah had a standout season, when he was in it. I know I'm forgetting some people...the cast is so huge.

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