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February 28 2016

15 years later - a retrospective look at 'The Body'. The Buffy episode aired 15 years ago yesterday and we were still traumatised the morning after.

Yep. I still tear up, even just thinking of it. One of the most remarkable hours of television, evar.
Me too - I was getting all teary while reading the article. "Remarkable" is a good word for it. Good article, mostly. Thanks for posting.
I was amazed to read, in an interview with Emma Caufield, that she did not think, while filming, that Anya's monologue about death was anything special - she just wanted to get it over with so filming could break for lunch - and she needed to pee first. Regardless, it's a great speech!
My brother died suddenly in 2007, and I have to say The Body's depiction of the aftermath is right on the mark. So right on the mark that I have to skip the episode when I rewatch. It's brilliant.
The utter sucker punch to the gut of seeing Dawn break down in tears as we watch through a window taps a raw nerve

This scene gets me every single time.
My Buffy re-watches always stall out while I wait for the right moment to watch the Body again. Just watched it last week, and sobbed and sobbed. Again.
jcs, me too. I'm right at that point myself in my current rewatch - usually I watch/listen while at work late at night, but I want to give that episode my full attention.
I watched The Body several times and it had me in tears every time I watched it.
But then, 2 years ago, my Mom died unexpectedly, a broken shoulder, she was released to a rehab center at 9pm with a clean bill of health and then at 5am the following morning I received a phone call telling me she died. I fought with the nurse who called because I refused to believe it was true.
I knew it would be a very long time until I could watch that episode again, if ever.
Then to add insult to injury, 5 months ago I walked into my Dad's house to take him to a doctor appointment and found him on the forward 4 days and my Dad died too.

Although The Body is one of the best hours of television I've ever seen, I don't know if I'll ever be able to watch it again. Maybe in the future when the wounds aren't so fresh, but for now I can't do it without breaking down.

What Joss captured in that episode is so frighteningly realistic I can't believe it never won any awards- though I can say that about a lot of episodes.

Joss is a genius.
My sincere condolences, bloodyrockerswitch. Two such sudden losses is hard, indeed. I hope you're doing OK.

Oddly enough, 'The Body' doesn't make me cry, although I never watch it at this time of year. It's 'The Prom' that gets the waterworks flowing every time.

I lost my husband five years ago tomorrow. He was a Special Ed teacher, and also my only family. He was riding his bike to work when a driver cut him off in traffic, knocking him down. I received a call from a stranger telling me he'd been hit and couldn't stand up, but was otherwise OK and in good spirits. People were sitting with him and he was joking with them, making friends. They were waiting for an ambulance. When I arrived, the police told me he was dead. Another driver had run him over right after I had received the call.

These last five years have been hell, but this anniversary hasn't hit me as hard as the past ones. The Daily Inspiration in my inbox this morning read: "I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it doesn't get better. You get better." Joan Rivers

Hope this helps.

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