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February 29 2016

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Remake This Movie RIGHT! A podcast discussion about the merits of remaking the Buffy movie.

A podcast looking at whether the Buffy movie should be remade. Some discussions about the TV series as well.

Without having listened to the podcast, I'm just gonna drop my thoughts on the idea of remaking the Buffy movie.

There's a way of doing it, I think. But it's definitely tricky, specifically because of the canon established by the TV series and how much that means to people, including myself. But there's a way of acknowledging that canon without stepping on it.
Three words: World without shrimp. That's literally all you need in order to pay homage to the TV series without having to deal with the "but Buffy was already called in 1996 or whatever" of it. Just have some joke where a vampire is talking to a demon and the demon mentions shrimp and the vampire doesn't know what it is. This becomes a running gag. Rule of three, Buffy doesn't know what shrimp is either. Problem solved. World without shrimp. Slightly different rules. There's already an established multiverse, and if done right, the no shrimp thing would play to the uninitiated as just a weird running gag about how there are vampires but no shrimp, and to TV fans as a very specific reference to Anya's explanation of the multiverse.

Another thing I'd do is open it with, after two or three short past-slayer dreams, Buffy talking to a psychiatrist. She was just having some problems at home and got caught up in her own imagination and dreams. It's over now. She can go home. Her parents are still fighting, but she's sort of coping. The dreams continue, but she's ignoring them. Then Merrick shows up. Then the vampires. Referencing "Normal Again" would be a good way to make it feel like even though this is a Buffy of a different universe, she's still starting from the same place and is essentially a different take on the same character.

That said, this is only how it could be done if it were to be done. Not to say it should be done.

ETA: Another thing possibly worth considering is making Lothos a younger looking character and have him be "dating" one of Buffy's friends, as a way of playing with the contemporary image of the vampire and do a sort of "what if Edward Cullen were lying the whole time" thing, and then Buffy's friend gets sired and becomes an even bigger threat than Lothos.

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